“2018 The First Henan-Taiwan Customs Year of the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World” Is Forthcoming

Co-organized by Henan Fujing Eco-tourism Development Co., Ltd., Henan Provincial Tourism Culture Association, Music Broadcast of Henan Radio and Television Station, and Zhengzhou Huiji District Tourism Bureau, it will be grandly held at the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World from February 16 to March 3, 2018. Calling the festival “Henan-Taiwan Custom Year” is to enhance cultural exchanges between the two places. With various customs of Taiwan being brought to Zhengzhou, people can enjoy it in their own city. Three carefully-prepared highlights will appear during the period of “Henan-Taiwan Custom Year”.

First is to appreciate the “Style of Taiwan”. There is a “Maiden of Alishan” in everyone’s heart. “Princess Peach”, a well-known Taiwanese actress will cooperate with actors in mainland China to perform a classic Taiwanese show “Weiya” (a traditional annual celebration for the earth god). A variety of performances will also appear, including Pear Garden Spring Little Winner, National Intangible Cultural Heritage, and various local programs. Meanwhile, the rare “Transformers” in China will be invited to give a welcoming performance. During the period, a part of Taiwanese in Zhengzhou will also be invited to celebrate the New Year together.

Then it is to enjoy the “Taste of Taiwan”. What are the delicious foods in Taiwan? And what do they taste like? Fine foods like Ta-a Noodles, Oyster Omelets, Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken, and Roti Prata are about to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

The last one is to celebrate the “Taiwan-style New Year”. What are the customs in Taiwan? What auspicious words of congratulations will people say during the New Year Festival? How are the beautiful clothes? All of them will be revealed at that time.

According to the introduction from Feng Xuelan, Secretary-General of the Henan Provincial Tourism Culture Association, tourists whose birthday is during the “Henan-Taiwan Custom Year” can be free of charge with valid certificates on that day. Tourists above 55 years old (55 years old included) have free entrance to the park with valid certificates during the activity. Taiwanese also have free access to the park with valid certificates during this activity. Compatriots from the two places can enjoy a happy New Year at the Yellow River Landscape Ecological World.

In order to celebrate the year of 2018, this activity also prepares a surprise gift worth RMB 180,000 for the 18-year-old tourists who are 18 years old in 2018 will receive tickets to the activity with valid certificates. Tickets valued at RMB 180,000 are subject to availability. Activity address: North Yellow River Beach, Babao Village, Huayuankou Town, Huiji District, Zhengzhou. Bus route: Touring Line 6 from Liuzhuang to Yellow River Landscape Ecological World; Self-driving route: go north along Zhongzhou Avenue (Huayuan Road)—North Fourth Ring Road Flyover—go straight toward Xuchang and Kaifeng—cross Souxu Lake Bridge—turn left and go straight at the first traffic lights—Yellow River Landscape Ecological World. Tel: 0371-65632009; 65632119


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