Three Treasures of Henan’s Culture Are in Zhengzhou Park

Beautiful and profound Xuanyuan Pavilion with the majestic style

Standing outside the park, you can see the high Xuanyuan Pavilion.

Xuanyuan Pavilion, a commanding height of Zhengzhou Park, highlights the theme of Yellow Emperor culture, and shows the spirit that Chinese have the same ancestor and root with one heart. It stands on the main mountain, with a construction area of 2,106.67 square meters (1,203.22 square meters on the ground and 903.45 square meters under the ground), and a height of 33.9 meters (including the steps). It seems to be three floors from the outside, but actually there are four floors. The building, shaped with a typical ancient Song style—the gable and hip cross-ridge roof, four side rooms on the first floor, and eaves gallery on the second and third floor, embodies that Song-style architecture is majestic and beautiful.

Xuanyuan Pavilion has the unique features of the Song-style architecture, smooth and powerful, such as the shuttle-shaped column of the exterior post, the slightly-bent upturned roof-ridge, the smooth raising-of-truss method, the main ridge’s arc, large Dougong, (a system of brackets inserted between the top of a column and a crossbeam), parabolic-like upper & under eaves and column caps. It is built with the Song-style railings with swastika patterns, with doors & windows decorated with mullions, and the Dougong varied on the basis of unified model.

There are large steps and pedestrian passages connecting the South and West of the Xuanyuan Pavilion, and a turnaround loop for fire protection set up to seamlessly connect roadways. Facing the mountain cliff to see the building from the south side, tourist will feel calm and pleasant, with the north side being a part of the environment. The pavilion hidden by towering mountains and lush trees, is more dazzling and unique, and seems to tower into the sky, earning it the landmark in that area even the whole Park.

Winding corridors and extraordinary rocks in the Yuyuan Park

The Book of Songs is the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, of which the Odes of Zheng is a collection of many ancient stories of Zhengzhou. Li Jie, an architect from Zhengzhou during the Northern Song Dynasty, has organized to build many large-scale buildings, and has written the Yingzao Fashi, the first technical treatise on architecture and craftsmanship in China. Those ancient culture and renowned people have all embodied in the Yuyuan Park.

Located in the east side of the Xuanyuan Pavilion, the main mountain of Zhengzhou Park, the Yuyuan Park is a group of Song-style buildings scattered randomly and hidden in the mountain-like woods. It covers a total area of 20 mu, with its base covering an area of 2,427.24 square meters, and a construction area of 1,808.59 square meters.

Following the quintessence of the traditional park in Central Plains, the Yuyuan Park, through an environment which the landscape park is built according to the landforms, owns several theme scenic spots which can represent the regional culture of Henan, including the Book of Songs Park, Li Jie Hall, and People’s Academy. There are winding corridors, wonderful sights, extraordinary rocks, and lovely flowers and trees in the Park, as well as painting and calligraphy, potted landscape, and peculiar stones inside and outside the building, letting tourists linger on with no thought of leaving.

Based on the landforms, the Yuyuan Park is arranged according to the slope. Writing brushes, ink sticks, paper, ink stones, tea sets, and peculiar stones are displaying here, the public park in the whole Zhengzhou Park, which stresses the public participation of Song-style parks.

It is completely relaxed and happy when walking in the Yuyuan Park and the winding corridor to appreciate the beauty of hills, rivers, flowers and pavilions. There are 11 individual buildings, eight groups, and six sections of winding corridors. The buildings are connected by winding corridors, with the integration of the building entity, a half of open corridor, winding hills, and revetment along the river. Based on the Song style, it is built into a Northern Park with the characteristics of the Central Plains.

The east-to-west axis unifies the whole Yuyuan Park on the main axis: Xuanyuan Pavilion—Academy—Yuyuan Park. One of landscape pavilions, in a relative commanding height, responds to the Xuanyuan Pavilion on the space. The northern part leads the whole Yuyuan Park with a two-floor height.

The Folk Cultural Park is a good place for eating and drinking

After visiting a number of parks in Zhengzhou Park, you may feel hungry. Then it may be a good choice to visit the Folk Cultural Park, because there are so many foods and drinks, as well as historical culture for you to appreciate.

Located in the west of the main entrance, the Traditional Folk Cultural Park is built according to the ancient streets in the Along the River during the Qingming Festival, recalling tourists’ memories of history with simple residential courtyards. As for the building type, it is combined with the style of ancient Chinese dwellings, providing tourists with a space experience of being in the past and present. In order to meet the operating requirements of the Zhengzhou Park’s functions, there are places for shopping and catering in the Cultural Park.

When the Cultural Park was designed, it is considered that there may be collecting and distributing demands for the crowded stream in the main entrance gate, the main exhibition hall, the Folk Cultural Park and the Visitor Service Center. So the relationship between the building function and traffic organization has been optimized, and the daily management after the park opened has also been considered.

Highlighting the concept of courtyard enclosure, the Folk Cultural Park is closer to daily life of ordinary people, and after entering, you may appreciate the well-proportioned style.

Under the Folk Cultural Park is constructed an underground garage as well.

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