Notice on the opening of Kang Baiwan's Manor

Dear tourists,

Kang Baiwan's Manor will re-open on March 20, 2020. Relevant issues are hereby announced as follows:

Opening Hours

8:00-17:30 every day since March 20, 2020

Range of Opening

The storehouse (except the gold and silver storehouse), the main house and the south courtyard will be opened.

Preferential Ticket Policies

1. Free pass for all medical workers across the country. From March 20, 2020 to December 31, 2020, medical workers can enter the manor for free by ID card and doctor or nurse certificate.

2. From March 20, 2020 to June 30, 2020, All tourists across the country can follow the "Kang Baiwan's Manor" WeChat official account and participate in online activities to win tickets.

3. Kang Baiwan's Manor will launch an annual pass for citizens of Gongyi. Please stay tuned.


1. At the entrance, each tourist must show the health QR code on WeChat or Alipay, take temperature, and go through real-name registration (please bring your ID card or household register). Tourists with abnormal temperature shall not enter and shall be refunded.

2. Tourists shall keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters when buying tickets, getting tickets checked and touring to avoid crowding.

3. Tourists and tour guides of the scenic area shall keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters during the introduction.

4. Group tourists shall be properly arranged to enter the manor at intervals. Groups of no more than 20 people are recommended. Tourist groups shall enter and tour separately to avoid gathering.

How to Buy Tickets

Kang Baiwan's Manor will adopt a real-name ticketing system. Tourists can buy tickets online, offline or scan the QR code at the scenic area.

Method 1: Follow the "Kang Baiwan's Manor" WeChat official account and tap "online ticketing (immediate use)", or book tickets on,‎, or

Method 2: Buy tickets with identity documents at offline ticket windows.

Method 3: Scan the WeChat QR code posted at the scenic area's ticket windows to buy tickets.

Security Guarantee

I. Check and Control

The scenic area will be aware and register the health condition of each staff member; all staff will wear masks and relevant protective equipment and implement the "one-time entry, check and registration per day" system; for the daily management of the staff, the "no centralized meeting, no gathering for catting, no visiting others during work hours, and no centralized dining" principle will be strictly implemented.

II. Disinfection

Kang Baiwan's Manor will strictly do disinfection and sanitation work according to relevant regulations. We will disinfect public areas such as the entrance of the Tourist Service Center, ticket counters at the entrance, the office area, the grape corridor, roads, conference rooms and toilets, and disinfect the free crutches, wheelchairs, umbrellas, audio tour guide equipment and other items per tourist per day. Please feel free to visit Kang Baiwan's Manor.

III. Strengthen Management

The scenic area will strictly limit the number of tourists to 2,000 per day and stop selling tickets immediately after the number is exceeded. Additional personnel will be assigned to strengthen on-site patrol and timely exhort tourists who do not wear masks or spit at will to effectively maintain the order of the scenic area.

To provide a safe environment for tourists, Kang Baiwan's Manor adheres to the standards of epidemic prevention and control, takes comprehensive disinfection and epidemic prevention measures, conducts professional service training on epidemic prevention and safety for all the staff, and has formulated various contingency plans to welcome the arrival of every tourist with meticulous service.

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