Jujube Town Invites You to Have Fun in the Golden Autumn!

The current-day Jujube Town

witnesses changes every day

You can discover something new on a daily basis

The leaves on the treetops are turning yellow

The wildflowers on the roadside bloom more vividly

The vegetables grow well in the shared vegetable garden.

The air is filled with the fragrance of fruits and vegetables.

The fruits on the promenade in the town come to fruition.

A series of activities such as digging peanuts and sweet potatoes are available.

You can personally partake in the work of autumn harvest

to feel the most plain experience of pleasure

The gorgeous autumn here

will show you its best looks

Spring eyes good weather and autumn features an invigorating climate

In the crisp air in autumn, dewdrops turn into frost and clear sky embraces thin floating clouds.

Autumn is always the most favorite season

It appeals to a myriad of poets with its ravishing charm

Come to Jujube Town in the most romantic season

to feast on the most memorable autumn here!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration