One More Flight: Three Hours from Zhengzhou to Macao

Currently, the flight from Zhengzhou to Macao is exclusively provided by Air Macau. To satisfy the increasing travel demands of passengers from the two places, Air Macau had decided to increase the flights of NX087/NX088 on the Zhengzhou-Macao non-stop air routes from three to four per week since January 13 this year. It means that there is another flight every Sunday. After adjustment, there will be one direct flight of Air Macau on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively. The NX087 flight departs from Zhengzhou at 11:50 and lands in Macao at 14:35. The NX088 flight departs from Macao at 8:20 and lands in Zhengzhou at 10:50.

Must-visit Scenic Spots

Although merely separated by sea,

Hongkong and Macao boast different landscapes.

Gambling houses with luxury and dissipation atmosphere, Portugal-styling architectures,

highly-imitated Venetian sceneries, Eiffel Tower,

and other Europe-featured complexes will bring you sceneries of Europe.




Ruins of St. Paul’s

When mentioning landmark complexes in Macao,

many people will have the Ruins of St. Paul’s in mind.

Suffering from war,

the site only has a wall left,

but it still tops the traveling lists of many visitors to Macao.


Macau Tower
If the Ruins of St. Paul’s tells the story of Macao in the bygone days,
then the 338-meter-high tower represents its modern time.
Under the background of the blue sky,
It is more than brilliant and beautiful.


Opening hours: 10:00-21:00 from Monday to Friday / 09:00-21:00 at weekends and official holidays

Tickets: RMB 139 for adults and RMB 80 for children and the aged (Bungee jumping and spacewalk projects need additional expenses)

Traveling routes: Taking No.9A/18/23/26/32 bus in the urban area to the Macau Tower Station



Cotai Strip
We may know that Macao enjoys a developed economy,
and the Cotai Strip should be the most typical representative.
It gathers various large hotels and gambling houses.
And the best-known The Venetian
also locates here.


Opening hours: All Day

Tickets: Free of charge for sightseeing, and the gambling houses only receive people aged over 21

Traveling routes: Taking 15/21A/25/26/26A bus in the urban area to Taipa and Coloane Continuity Road/The Venetian Station


Hac Sa Beach
If anybody thinks that Macao only boasts artificial landscapes,
he/she may forget the Hac Sa Beach.
It is the largest beach in this city,
famous for the smooth black sand.


Must-try Delicacies

When considering delicacies,
we always admire people living in Southern China.
They will bring various favors to different common food materials,
and people in Macao are even more outstanding.


Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei

If you like delicacies and has watched Chef Nic,

You may remember this restaurant.

Nicholas Tse and Jackson Wang Ka-Yee have been here before.

For the great fame it enjoys in Macao,

you have to take a long time to wait in line for the food.


Pork Chop Bun of Tai Lei Loi Kei

It is in the must-try delicacy lists for many visitors to Macao.

And Tai Lei Loi Kei is a time-honored restaurant.

Whenever you get there,

the shop always has crowds of people.


Durian Ice Cream of Mok Yi Kei

If enjoying durian,

you should never miss the durian ice cream of Mok Yi Kei

Recommended by A Bite of China,

it is very popular for the delicious flavor.

Preparation for departing

Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao

Macao is a Special Administrative Region under China’s “one country, two systems” policy. So the mainland Chinese tourists need to take their exit-entry permits for traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao. You may go to the Exit-Entry Administration Division of the local Public Security Sub-bureau to apply for the permit. Please make preparations ahead of time for the application period may be about half a month.


Currency exchange

The same to Hongkong, Macao has its legal tender. Pataca, Hongkong dollar, and Renminbi are accepted in Macao. However, the cost efficiencies in consumptions may be different for the exchange rates. Generally speaking, Pataca is more cost efficient and Hongkong dollar is more convenient to use. Renminbi is not the recommendation. The ports in Macao and 7-11 convenience stores both provide currency exchange service, which is very convenient.


Internet service in Macao

While you are traveling in Macao, one of the Special Administrative Regions of China, the general traffic data of your mobile phone may not work. If you still want to experience Internet service, please purchase data package ahead of time. Search “Leaving the Country-Overseas Internet Service” on the Alipay or Wechat, and select the data package you want. Afterward, follow the guides on the short message to activate the service.


Clothes for the weather

Have you imaged the beautiful sceneries in spring? No need for this image only in mind in Macao, for the winter here is as warm as spring. The temperature is always above 20℃ throughout the whole year. The tourist rush season is from October to March of the next year when the temperature and weather are both pleasant. You can wear coat and jacket on the plane while change into a long skirt when reaching the destination. It is the warm weather that makes you so capricious. Do not take any winter clothes to Macao, and just take your charming dresses instead.

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