An Extraordinary Decade, Brilliance in the Central Plains | Zhengzhou's Cultural Tourism in the Past Decade: Ideal and Reality, Glorious Brand of "Mountain, River, Ancestor, Country"

This is a city lit up with beautiful culture. The "four centers" (Olympic Sports Center, Wenbo Art Center, Citizen Activity Center, and Modern Media Center) with an investment of more than RMB 30 billion have been completed and put into use as a new landmark for urban development. During the three years since the opening of the new Zhengzhou Art Museum, 32 exhibitions have been held, attracting nearly 900,000 visits; more than 400 offline and online aesthetic promotion activities have been held, attracting more than 300,000 participants. Zhengzhou is home to 16 public libraries, 15 cultural centers, 110 municipal and county-level public cultural venues, 2,783 grassroots comprehensive cultural service centers and 75 urban book houses.

Cultural creativity records memories of the city. Art blocks such as Ersha (2nd Grinding Wheel Plant) Cultural and Creative Park, Sesame Street 1958 and Ruiguang Creative Factory have become new highlights in the urban spatial layout. The "One District, One Theater" campaign has been implemented in depth. Dozens of urban theaters, such as Zheng Haokan Theater and David Plaza Theater, display the literary and artistic style of central Zhengzhou. The small theater art festival and performance month enhance the cultural charm of the city.

The culture benefits the people and brings colorful life. Since 2011, Zhengzhou has organized nearly 3,000 performances for the benefit of the people, such as "stage art into villages and communities" and "opera into campuses", providing cultural feasts for 6 million people. More than 150 performances of excellent operas in Zhengzhou have been held continuously, and more than 6 million audiences have experienced the classic art online and offline. The Zhengzhou-Kaifeng tourism annual ticket and cultural tourism consumption season will present huge benefits for the people, and high-quality cultural supply will enhance people's sense of acquisition and happiness in culture.

Smart cultural tourism seizes opportunities in technological development. "Zhengzhou Cultural Tourism Cloud" enables people to obtain information and services with the move of a finger, and travel in Zhengzhou simply with a QR code. Sixteen scenic areas at the 4A level or above have been connected to the Henan provincial monitoring platform, and more than 150 cultural tourism units have been connected to the national project pilot database. Metaverse, 5G, 3D, VR/AR/MR and other digital means make cities more innovative.

A Self-presentation —

Beautiful Land of Mountain, River, Ancestor, Country; Achievements of Ideal and Reality

"The mountains and rivers are like parents, and this is where our ancestors lived and our country originated. To understand China, you must start from Zhengzhou. Welcome to the land of mountain, river, ancestor, and country!" This is the promotion slogan for Zhengzhou by CCTV. The four words "mountain, river, ancestor, and country" summarize the long history of Zhengzhou and convey it to the entirety of China and the world in a genuine and succinct manner.

Zhengzhou witnessed the beginning of Chinese history. It has provided fertile grounds for the prosperity of culture over thousands of years, bosoming Mount Song, the center of the Five Great Mountains, and the Yellow River that nourished the Chinese culture. Nowadays, the national central city of Zhengzhou is undergoing rapid development fueled by the dual forces of nature and culture, gradually becoming an international city with greater inclusiveness.

Over the past decade, Zhengzhou has shone brilliantly and made quite a few friends with its openness, hospitality and confidence. The ancient city has once again displayed its charm by holding several major international events, making new progress in building a globally acclaimed city of culture and tourism.

"Mountain, river, ancestor, and country" nurture the very spirit of Zhengzhou's culture. The data on tourism is exhilarating: In 2021, Zhengzhou received 285,000 inbound tourists, bringing a foreign exchange income of USD 175 million, and 102 million domestic visits, with a total tourism income of RMB 127.23 billion. In just ten years, the number of domestic tourists visiting Zhengzhou increased by 65.52%, and the total tourism revenue grew by 81.73%.

The ten years of tourism development have been not only a passage of time, but also a witness to hard work.

Ten years of hard work have brought about ten years of glory. Looking into the future, Zhengzhou will forge ahead on the path of strengthening the province by promoting the culture. The people of Zhengzhou in the culture and tourism industries will boost cultural confidence and strive to present a panoramic display of Chinese history and culture in the city and turn Zhengzhou into a renowned tourist destination, thus lighting up the path of modernization for Henan Province with the brilliance of culture. In this way, the Central Plain shall shine once again ever more brightly in the new era.

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