Inauguration of Jiangsu Taizhou Tourism (Zhengzhou) Promotion Center

To answer the question of how Zhengzhou in Henan and Taizhou in Jiangsu can jointly promote the high-quality development of cultural tourism in both cities, Taizhou Tourism (Zhengzhou) Promotion Center was officially inaugurated in Zhengzhou People's Hall on June 19. The promotion center is intended to accelerate the integration and sharing of tourism resources between Zhengzhou and Taizhou, produce size effect, gain a competitive edge, build a communication and cooperation platform for cultural tourism in Zhengzhou and Taizhou, and boost the competitiveness of Taizhou's cultural tourism in the market.

With the support from tourism authorities at all levels and the tourism circles in neighboring areas, tourism enterprises in Zhengzhou and Taizhou have become an integrated whole with fruitful results. As a beneficiary of the cooperation, Phoenix Travel. com has been putting into operation three tourist-dedicated trains from Zhengzhou to Taizhou this year, transporting about 3,000 tourists. The entry of service of tourism through trains to Taizhou has pushed the number of group tourists to new heights. Phoenix Travel. com has transported about 20,000 tourists to Taizhou this year.

Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism put the International Travel Agency under Phoenix Travel. com in charge of the promotion center after its establishment.

Taizhou Tourism (Zhengzhou) Promotion Center will open up market channels in Henan and the surrounding areas, develop a diversified tourism market, plan large-scale theme events, do all-round media marketing, promote the sharing of resources, complement each other's advantages, cooperate in transporting tourists, strengthen communication and cooperation in cultural tourism, and drive the high-quality development of cultural tourism in both provinces.

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