Zhengzhou Bus Free for a Month! The Latest Information on Free Refunds at Train Stations, Airports and Expressways

Zhengzhou buses are free for another month

In order to help the city resume work and production, encourage the general public to take public transport to reduce private car and urban traffic congestion, Zhengzhou Municipal Government decided that from July 28 to August 28, public buses are free for all passengers in Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Buses

As of 8: 00 on July 28, 339 bus lines in Zhengzhou City have all resumed operation, with a recovery rate of 100%. There were 284 lines resumed operation for the whole line, accounting for 83.78%, and 55 lines across sections resumed, accounting for 16.22%. Except more than 800 affected vehicles, more than 5,400 buses in Zhengzhou are now all on duty and operating at "full power", and the overall transport capacity increased by 25% compared with that before the disaster.

Zhengzhou Subway

Zhengzhou subway currently remains wholly closed. We will update you if there is any new information on the resumption of operations.

Long-distance Passenger Transport

As of July 27, 395 long-distance passenger transport lines in the city have resumed operation. The water and electricity supply in Zhengzhou Passenger Center Station, Zhengzhounan Railway Station and Zhengzhouxi Railway Station has been restored and normal operation can be maintained, while Zhengzhoubei Railway Station was still out of water and electricity due to severe damage, and manual ticket selling is temporarily adopted; and Zhengzhoudong Railway Station was powered by its own generators to maintain the normal operation of the station's main facilities.

Zhengzhou Roads

As of 16:00 on 27 July, 492 of 1,157 sections of disaster-damaged trunk roads and 2,751 of 6,060 sections of disaster-damaged rural roads had been repaired.

A warm tip from Henan Highway Police: In case of emergency on the expressways in Henan, please call the Henan Highway Police at 0371-68208110 or Highway Service at 12328 for help.

Flights at Zhengzhou Airport

Flights at Zhengzhou are taking off and landing normally. A reminder from the official Weibo account of Zhengzhou Airport: Flights at Zhengzhou Airport have resumed normal operation gradually, and specific information should be confirmed with relevant airlines.

Zhengzhou Airport Transportation

Affected by the weather, the operation of rail transit in Zhengzhou has been suspended; the intercity railway has added temporary buses, some lines of the airport bus have resumed operation, and traffic of the airport highway is back to normal.

At present, the airport bus lines from Zhengzhou Airport to the city include: Civil Aviation Hotel (Two-way shifts from Zhengzhou downtown to the airport, and the operation of buses departing from the airport to Zhengzhou downtown will not stop until the last flight lands), Zhengzhoudong Railway Station (Two-way shifts from Zhengzhou downtown to the airport, 9:00-20:00), Zhengzhou Railway Station, Zijing Mountain, Zhengbian Road (One-way shifts from the airport to Zhengzhou downtown, operation ends with the last flight), West Square of Zhengzhou Railway Station (Two-way shifts from Zhengzhou downtown to the airport, the last bus from the city departs at 18:30, and the last bus from the airport departs at 20:00).

Long-distance buses at Zhengzhou Airport currently operates the following routes: The routes from Zhengzhou to Luoyang, Shangqiu, Puyang, Kaifeng, Xuchang, Luohe, Pingdingshan, Nanyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Jiyuan, Heze, Changyuan, Dancheng, Mengzhou, etc. operate normally; For Xinxiang and Anyang, only some shifts are in operation. Currently, the tickets of long-distance buses at Zhengzhou Airport are in short supply. Please follow the WeChat Official Account of Zhengzhou Airport to buy tickets in advance.

Trains and High Speed Trains

The impact of water damage in many parts of Henan is still relatively serious. Given the current situation, the railway department is trying its best to ensure the safety of each passanger's life and property and restore the operation as soon as possible,

Up to now, on July 28, 82 trains in Zhengzhou Railway Station and 499 trains in Zhengzhoudong Railway Station have been scheduled to put into operation. The specific train operation shall be subject to the real-time dispatching plan.

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