Numerous “Surprises and Gifts”—Secrets for the Christmas-Themed Evening Show at Fantawild Adventure

With the approach of Christmas, the festive atmosphere is becoming stronger and stronger. It is reported that from December 22 to 25, a 4-day themed evening show of “Wonderful Christmas Night” will be held at Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure. To create a unique Christmas experience for tourists, the evening show will integrate the elements of “warmth and romance” with “novelty and trend”.

No Snowflakes, No Romance

During the themed evening show of “Wonderful Christmas Night”, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure will create a romantic “snow-covered landscape” for tourists. Walking on the “American Street”, tourists can listen to the creaking sound of shoes stepping on the “snow”, and can feel as entering a dreamy silver fairy tale world with the “snow” falling on the palms and shoulders.

No Candy, No Sweetness

During Christmas, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure will also launch the themed activity of “Colorful Candy House”. The Christmas trees full of candies and the “candy mountain” piled up with candies will give tourists a feeling of sweetness. It is worth mentioning that tourists who spend 20 yuan or more in the park will have the opportunity to receive a sweet gift in the “candy house” with the receipts.

No Show, No Splendor

The “Wonderful Christmas Night” at Fantawild Adventure will give tourists not only “warmth and romance”, but also “novelty and trend”. Santa Claus will be here to lead tourists to “revel and dance” on the boisterous evening. In addition, wonderful performances such as “Happy Choir”, “Christmas Train Flash” and “Christmas-themed Parade” will be presented as a festive gift to tourists.

No Gift, No Surprise

Numerous and wonderful gifts are ready! A series of mysterious Christmas gifts have also been prepared for tourists. Lucky tourists will receive surprise Christmas presents falling from the sky during Christmas. Tourists can also choose a “Santa Claus” of their own, interact closely with him and enjoy the exclusive love. Additionally, tourists can also enter the tent of the “Gypsy Woman” for an interesting and funny divination and for her blessing.

The Christmas-themed evening show at Fantawild Adventure this year is full of surprises and gifts. In the coming Christmas, why not invite your family and friends to start a wonderful winter trip at Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure?

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