The First Beidi Village Yellow River Pool Apple Picking Cultural Festival 2017 Kicks Off

There are fragrant fruits and surging crowds in Beidi Village, Langchenggang Town, Zhongmou County, where the First Beidi Village Yellow River Pool Apple Picking Cultural Festival 2017 has been opened. Nearly 1,000 mu of ripe apples can be picked, tasted and bought by tourists in the picking area. “Holding the Picking Festival is a window of displaying the image of Beidi Village, an opportunity of establishing the village’s brand, a platform of advancing the industry development, and a new measure of targeted poverty alleviation.” said Hu Helin, Mayor of Langchenggang Town.

Beidi Village, a provincial poverty village, in virtue of poverty alleviation & development, and with the concern and help from all sectors of the community in recent years, has used its unique geographical advantages to plant fruits. Currently, the high-quality apple base has reached 1,200 mu, including the varieties of Red Fuji, Xiyang Hong, Starkrimson, Jingxiu Hong, and Yanfu VI, with time period of fresh fruits supply from June to December. Quality apples bred in a unique environment are popular among consumers and surrounding fruit markets, which makes the apple industry become a good project for overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity in Beidi Village.

This Apple Picking Festival lasts one month, from September 16 to October 15, during which, apples are uniformly priced at RMB 2 per jin, along with a series of activities such as apple exhibition & sales, entertainment performances, parent-child interaction, and coupons releasing. Citizens can not only go to the Yellow River Pool to appreciate the beautiful scenery in fall, experience the fun of picking, and taste sweet apples, but also enjoy picking vegetables, peanuts, and maize in the farm stay.

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