Recommendation | A Winter Tour to Taohua Lake on Fuxi Mountain

In the pleasantly warm weather in late winter, a trip to Fuxi Mountain is highly recommended.

Located in Xinzhong Town, Gongyi, Fuxi Mountain Xuehua Cave Scenic Resort bears an area of 34.5 square kilometers and 126 cultural and natural landscapes. The pastoral scenery and cultural relics in the scenic area are naturally and harmoniously integrated into one, including mountains, lakes, caves, villages and temples, and embodying captivating, breathtaking, antique and bizarre beauty. As one of the first batch of tourist attractions announced in Henan Province, it boasts both the magnificence of landscapes in north China and the gracefulness of those in south China, appealing to tourists throughout the year.

The bare field here presents the bizarre beauty endowed by the nature.

Taohua Lake, an artificially built lake, sits on a small slope in the tranquil and elegant Taohuayu Village.

Visitors can indulge themselves in the rare tranquility when strolling by the lake.

Around the lake, the undulating mountains are dotted by green pines and cypresses.

The sunlight grows softer as the late winter approaches, like a sensible lady who is restrained and elegant.

Visitors can feast on their agreeable time at the lake in the soft sunlight.

The rugged mountains here bear witness to the time-honored history.

Under the sun, the ripples on the lake spread out in circles, keeping a balance between dynamic and static, with each move touching people’s minds in the softest spot and generating bright joyousness. Through deeply interacting with the nature, visitors can grasp the sense of reality of returning to the origin and find a shelter for their soul.

In the winter when everything withers, the Fuxi Mountain emits incessantly implicit glamour.

Overlooking the Jiangjun Stockaded Village from the Taohua Lake, visitors can appreciate “towering peaks reach into the clouds, and rolling mountains give shape to a natural barrier.” They can also immerse themselves in the grandeur of nature when standing on the mountain peak.

As a must-see place in the Fuxi Mountain Scenic Area, Taohua Valley is home to imposing landscapes such as the Taohua Lake, high forest coverage and peculiar plants. The time-honored Kang Tree (a unique tree species of Fuxi Mountain) and locust tree as well as the long-established humanistic culture are also highly appreciated.

Self-driving Routes:

1: A Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway from east (Zhengzhou) to west — enter Hulaoguan Scenic Area in Shangjie District and drive to the south — enter G310 and drive to the west — enter Xinzhong Town, Gongyi

B Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway from west (Luoyang) to east — enter Gongyi Station — enter G310 and drive to the east — enter Xinzhong Town, Gongyi

2: Drive westwards along the Zhongyuan Road West (or Longhai Road) in downtown Zhengzhou — enter Shangjie District and drive to the north — enter G310 and drive to the west — drive to the south at the intersection of Xinzhong Road

3: Downtown Zhengzhou — Zhengshang Road — Shangjie District — enter Mihe Town, Gongyi — drive five kilometers to the west


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