A Resort for Summer Holiday

In the scorching summer,

the sun blazes like a ball of fire,

and is shining fiercely.

People are about to be melt by the blazing sun.

Where can you take a summer holiday?

Here is a good place.

July 30 - August 30

Enjoy the fun in this summer

When night falls,

there is a lot of fun in this small town.

01. Barbecue under the starlight

The Barbecue Courtyard in the Jianye Canteen opens and provides barbecue, homemade beer, shrimp tail, baked fish, etc. What would you like for supper? In the night market, barbecue, beer, hot and spicy shrimp tail, kebab, icy homemade beer, on-site baking by professional chefs, flaming fire, cooking food materials, and overflowing fragrance all stimulate your appetite.

There is also free performance such as Henan opera, modern drama, shadow play, Chinese ancient magic trick of Intangible Cultural Heritage. As long as you come, a feast to your ears and eyes is waiting for you here.

02 Summer amusement

In the scorching summer, shady trees are most needed for cycling. Cycling Park is the largest cycling base under shady trees in central China and all of its tracks are under the shade of trees. It is definitely an unique good place for cycling lovers in summer.

In the Nordic Wisdom Park, amusement items are suitable for all ages. You will sweat all over while enjoying the fun, which will help you dispel the dampness brought into your body by the air conditioning and make you feel the unique feeling of the summer.

03 Henan food

There are Qi's Dadao Noodles, Puyang Zhuangmo, and Kaifeng Soup Dumplings. The simplest happiness is to live happily and eat well. Henan cuisine culture is very special. Henan has long been the political, economic and cultural center of the country in history and its transportation is very convenient, resulting in the mixed diet customs of south China and north China. More than 280 kinds of snacks of Intangible Cultural Heritage are found in 108 counties of 18 cities in Henan Province and you can eat all of them here.

04 Retro fair

Although we have grown up, the good memories of the past will never change. While you are walking in the retro fair in the small town, all kinds of nostalgic goods will evoke your unique childhood memories. Nostalgic newspaper office, retro scenes for photographing, old pub, domestic cosmetics, and old articles all leap to your eyes along with your childhood memories, giving you a unique summer.

When the Central Plains culture permeates people's daily life, and sports becomes a life style, there is infinite love, infinite vitality and infinite possibility in the small town integrating the Central Plains culture such as cuisine culture, folk culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage culture, and the sporting lifestyle such as football, basketball, cycling and hiking.

Welcome to this town with your friends, family and lovers.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration