More than 1,000 Performances in 2021 Zhengzhou "Stage Art into Countryside and Community" are Favored by Citizens

On the afternoon of October 27, 2021, the performance of "Stage Art into Countryside and Community" in Yu Theatre, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province - Fantastic ZhuangYuanlou was performed in Longxiang Jiayuan Community, Zhengdong New District.

It is understood that the activity of "Stage Art into Countryside and Community" has been listed as a key livelihood fact by the Zhengzhou Municipal Government for 11 consecutive years since its launch in 2011, and 1200 performances will be organized in 2021, undertaken by 10 state-owned art troupes in the city.

According to statistics, as of October 26, the event has completed 1,001 performances in a safe and high-quality manner, further enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the city's masses, sharing the achievements of cultural development with the grassroots masses, training and expanding the literary and artistic performance team, and promoting the cultivation of excellent literary and artistic performance talents. This activity has become a people's livelihood project for Zhengzhou to serve the grassroots, close to the people and improve the cultural and living standards of the people.

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