Xu Liyi: Zhengzhou shall take the lead in implementing "Yellow River Strategy"

On May 23, the Henan delegation to the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) held a group meeting to continue its deliberation on the government work report. Xu Liyi, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, said in his speech that the 2020 government work report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang fully demonstrated the consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, uphold the leadership core, and keep in alignment, have confidence in our path, guiding theories, political system and culture, and resolutely uphold General Secretary Xi Jinping's core position in the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and resolutely uphold the Party Central Committee's authority and its centralized, unified leadership; it's a good report that has provided high political stance, clear targets and solid measures, also, it pools strengths, boosts confidence and inspires people's morale, added Xu. The report showed four outstanding characteristics, namely "focused", "concise", "comprehensive" and "encouraging", he noted.

First, focused. The report focused on the new situations and new problems under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, emphasized the importance to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations and guarantee the employment of residents, the basic livelihood of the people, the main body of the market, the food and energy security, the stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain, and the operation of the grass-roots level, and put forward precise requirements and measures for the key points and difficulties in economic development, pointing out the direction for people to brave challenges and overcome difficulties.

Second, concise. The one-hour report is the shortest of its kind, but its content is rich, comprehensive, practical and concrete, with precise measures provided.

Third, comprehensive. Embedded with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the report conveyed the spirits of the important arrangements made by recent meetings of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC and is in line with the spirit of last year's Central Economic Working Conference.

Fourth, encouraging. The report presented the high confidence in achieving major results in epidemic prevention and control and maintaining sound and stable economic and social operation, and presented the world China's determination and actions, firming Chinese people's confidence.

Xu said the government work report stressed the need to speed up the implementation of the regional development strategy and draw up an outline for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin, which is of great significance to Henan and Zhengzhou.

On September 18 last year, during his inspection visit to Henan, General Secretary Xi Jinping held a symposium on the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin in Zhengzhou, at which he delivered an important speech, making ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin a major national strategy, Xu said. At the following sixth meeting of the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs, General Xi Jinping put forward clear requirements for implementing the strategy.

Since last year, Zhengzhou has been thoroughly implementing the key points of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements, Xu said, in accordance with the deployments made by the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Henan Province, Zhengzhou has been following the general requirement of "focusing on protection and governance", attaching importance to ecological protection, pollution control, the safety of the Yellow River, intensive and economical use of water resources, high-quality development, and cultural inheritance, and keeping leading the planning work and turning plans into projects. Based on the characteristics of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou has conducted practical planning and researches on the implementation of national strategies, Xu added, Zhengzhou's Party committee and municipal government set up a leading group, established the "one office and five groups" working system, coordinated the efforts of various sectors and pressed ahead with all their work, making phased achievements.

Zhengzhou, the largest city along the Yellow River and one of the important cradles of the Yellow River culture, should take the lead and shoulder its mission, strive to build a core demonstration area for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin, set an example and provide support for the entire basin, give full play to its development characteristics due to its location, fully demonstrate the Yellow River culture, Songshan culture and ancient capital culture in this city, and fully shape the distinctive features of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin that Zhengzhou should have as a national central city, said Xu.

As per that conception, he and his colleagues invited famous domestic planning research and related institutions, mapping out an "1+1+N" plan&scheme system, namely, one report-- Research Report on Zhengzhou's Construction of a Core Demonstration Area, one plan-- Master Plan for Zhengzhou's Construction of a Core Demonstration Area, one scheme-- Scheme for Zhengzhou's Construction of the Starting Area of the Core Demonstration Area and a package of three-year action plans for the construction of projects covering cultural tourism, flood control, comprehensive water resources ecological management and transportation in the starting area, preliminarily defining the three major functional orientations of the core demonstration area, said Xu.

The first is to build a demonstration area for ecological protection along the Yellow River. This functional orientation focuses on implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization, adhering to the water governance philosophy for a new era that features water conservation priority, spatial balance, systematic governance and two-pronged approach and advancing the safety of the Yellow River, more reasonable allocation of water resources, comprehensive river regulation and ecological protection, aims to ensure the long-term safety of the Yellow River and promote the intensive and economical utilization of water resources, and will accelerate the systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasslands, construct the forest ecosystem in Mangshan Mountain, wetland ecosystem in low-lying beach areas and leisure ecosystem in middle and high beach areas, and set an example for the ecological protection and flood control in the Yellow River Basin.

The second is to build a national-level regional growth pole for high-quality development. Guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on promoting high-quality development in Henan and Zhengzhou by focusing on manufacturing, opening-up and urbanization, Zhengzhou aims to implement the important decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and provincial government on the Zhengzhou's Three Objectives, promoting the construction of the metropolitan circle around Zhengzhou and expanding opening-up, focuses on the goals of building a comprehensive international transportation hub and opening-up portal, an important advanced manufacturing base in China, a city renown for historical and cultural heritages and a national central city with distinctive features of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin, and has formulated a package of three-year action plans to develop the manufacturing industry with high quality, expand opening-up at high levels, and promote urban development and management with high standards, defined the urban function layout of "economic center in the east, transportation and logistics center in the south, environmental and ecological center in the west, health and leisure center in the north, renovation center in the middle and communication to the outside", improved the technology-driven development pattern of "two-wing drive, four-area support and multi-point layout", and accelerated the building of an opening-up system composed of an international transportation hub, a highland of opening-up system and a highland of international cooperation, so as to promote the construction of a national central city with high quality.

The third is to build a main landmark of Yellow River history and culture. Based on the important value and status of its historical and cultural resources in the Yellow River culture and Chinese civilization, Zhengzhou adheres to the principle of unifying protection and utilization and integrating inheritance and innovation, and will launch the project to protect the cultural heritage of the Zhengzhou section of the Yellow River and build a cultural heritage corridor along the Yellow River, which can fully present the 5,000-year Yangshao culture and systematically prove the endless succession of the Chinese civilization; Zhengzhou will coordinately construct cultural projects such as the Yellow River National Museum and the Grand Canal National Cultural Park, promote the connection of the Yellow River cultural belt, the cultural around Songshan Mountain and the ruins of the capital city of the Shang Dynasty in Zhengzhou's city proper, tell the three-thousand-year stories of cultural development in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang, and build a world-class Yellow River cultural tourism belt. On that basis, Zhengzhou will prepare for major events such as the World River Civilization Summit Forum, illustrate the human value of the Yellow River culture with international discourse system, and consolidate its status as the landmark city with a core position in the Yellow River culture, so as to further enhance the global influence of the Yellow River culture.

Located at the dividing point of the Yellow River's middle and lower reaches, Zhengzhou is one of the top 12 international transportation hubs in China and the largest mega-city along the Yellow River, said Xu, adding that General Secretary Xi Jinping had pointed out that the main problem in the lower reaches of the Yellow River is flood. The Zhengzhou section of the Yellow River is mainly located in the lower reaches, and Zhengzhou is a mega-city, so it's crucial to improve the flood control capacity of the Yellow River, which must be hundred-percent guaranteed. However, current flood control standard of the Zhengzhou section fails to meet the requirements for ensuring the absolute security of Zhengzhou, Xu underscored.

Relevant ministries and commissions of the state should attach great importance to the flood control work of the Yellow River, especially the Zhengzhou section, and further improve the flood control standard and level, Xu suggested. For that purpose, efforts should be made to promote the construction of Taohuanyu Reservoir to improve the water regulation and storage capacity; in addition, measures should be taken to further improve engineering technologies and build high-standard fending groyne to prevent sand flushing and collapse.

Zhengzhou will thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements, implement the arrangements made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and make due contributions to the ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin, Xu added.

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