Butterfly Orchids Bloom on After the National Day holiday

During the National Day holiday, Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park, known for its traditional folk custom exhibition and performance, high-quality service and unique greenhouse butterfly orchid scenery, has attracted hordes of guests and friends inside and outside Henan Province. At here, tourists can embark on an authentic folk custom cultural journey while feasting their eyes on ecological scenery.

    During this eight-day event, a dazzling variety of activities kicked off one by one like the opening ceremony of 2017 China (Zhengzhou) Mid-Autumn Cultural Festival, most authentic “straw dragon dance”, Kaifeng Pan Drum Dance, Shangcheng Gong and Drum Dance, Laolouzhuang Dragon Dance, Mid-Autumn Blessing Ceremony, Datiehua (a traditional folk art of Henan), Intangible Cultural Heritage Works Exhibition, Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Time-honored Brands and Butterfly Orchid Exhibition. Most of these activities enjoy the honor of being ranked among national or provincial intangible cultural heritage and being hailed as excellent traditional folk crafts. And they, standing as a tribute to China’s long history and splendid ancient civilization, have attracted swarms of tourists for taking pictures.

Mid-Autumn Festival means more than a holiday but also an occasion to learn traditional culture. And it would lose its charm without traditional folk custom activities and its innate cultural implications. “Our Festival -- 2017 China (Zhengzhou) Mid-Autumn Cultural Festival” aiming to carry on and forward China’s time-honored Mid-Autumn culture in the forms of Mid-Autumn cultural exhibition and art performance held an impressive array of performances and a bewildering variety of exhibition works. These activities have won the affection of citizens, not only giving them access to Mid-Autumn etiquette and traditional customs again but also soaking them in patriotism education and profound implications of China’s traditional culture.

Furthermore, the 7th Henan Butterfly Orchid Exhibition held by Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park will proceed until October 31st. This exhibition featuring the hottest theme of the “Belt and Road” culture and a wide variety of butterfly orchid including Dendrobium phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis equestris, Black Orchid Catasetum cycnoches, Fire Phoenix Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis aphrodite and Phalaenopsis Taisuco Anna has created ten innovative themes like “Charm of China”, “Butterfly Orchid Dances Around Greenery City”, “A Flowery Silk Road” and “Fragrant Orchid” waiting for tourists.

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