"Shangdu Book House -- Public Benefit Open Calligraphy Course in Zhengzhou" Starts

The first event of "Shangdu Book House -- Public Benefit Open Calligraphy Course in Zhengzhou", co-sponsored by Zhengzhou Art Museum (Zhengzhou Fine Art Institute) and Zhengzhou Calligraphers Association, was recently held in the new venue of Zhengzhou Art Museum.

As the lecturer of this event, Luo Ming, curator of Zhengzhou Art Museum and president of Zhengzhou Calligraphers Association, showed the audience "Yellow River Imagery- Excellent Works from Art Institutes in Provincial Capitals of Nine Provinces (Regions) along the Yellow River (Season Two)" and "Exhibition of Calligraphy Works by Li Gangtian". In the meantime, he introduced and appreciated the calligraphers and their artistic style, as well as the historical original, benchmark and aesthetic character of displayed works.

What's more, while analyzing, commenting and demonstrating more than 30 original and reproduced works one by one, Luo Ming also explained in a simple way the historical evolution, aesthetic characteristics and writing methods of the five calligraphic styles of Zhuan, Li, Kai, Xing, Cao. There were exchanges and discussions with calligraphers present at the event about calligraphy ideas including "great art reveals the true feelings of human beings, the mysteries of the human heart and this vigorous world", "calligraphy is not just writing; it is writing with aesthetic attitude", "the basis of calligraphy should come back to human body", "calligraphy should become an outlet for the noble sentiments of calligraphers", and "both emotion and technique are needed to create a calligraphy work".

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