Nearly 40 A-level tourist attractions in Zhengzhou will be free to medical workers nationwide by the year's end

In the fight against COVID-19,

medical workers throughout the country

are fighting in the front line, contributing selflessly,

and sacrificing their own interests to serve the benefits of all,

to save lives bravely in the first line of COVID-19.

Photographed by Ma Jian

Yesterday, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism announced that 38 A-level tourist attractions in Zhengzhou will be free to medical workers nationwide from the date of reopening to the end of this year, and provide a series of intimate services.


This policy is applicable to: medical workers nationwide (with valid certificates such as the doctor certificate, nurse certificate or other qualification certificate related to medical work)

Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park, photographed by Ma Jian

The works exhibition of the "Beautiful Zhengzhou" photography competition: Changshou Mountain in Autumn, photographed by Gong Shoupeng. Provided by Yulan Zhengzhou

18 free 4A-level tourist attractions:

Enjoy Snow World and Royal Hot Spring of Xinmi Enjoyland International Resort, Xinmi Sanquan Lake Scenic Area, Xinmi Red Stone Forest Scenic Area, Xinmi Fuxi Grand Canyon, Xingyang Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area, Xingyang Gubaidu Fengle Cherry Blossom Garden, Xinzheng Yellow Emperor’s Hometown Scenic Area, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Gongyi Kang Baiwan's Mansion, Gongyi Changshou Mountain Scenic Area, Gongyi Du Fu's Hometown, Huiji District Yellow River Fujing Ecological Garden, Zhengzhou Yellow River Culture Park, Dengfeng Zhongyue Temple Scenic Area, Dengfeng Songyang Academy Scenic Area, Zhongyuan Tower Scenic Area in Zhengzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, Huiji District Fengle Farm – Yellow River Valley Mala Bay Wave Beach Scenic Area. There is no entrance fee for Cherry Valley Scenic Area in Erqi District, and the night tour of "Seeing Cherry Valley" in the scenic area is free to medical workers all over the country.

Zhengzhou Confucius Temple, photographed by Wang Tudou

15 free 3A-level tourist attractions:

Xingyang Huancuiyu Scenic Area, Xinmi Yuxi Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Xinmi Lingya Mountain Lord Cave Scenic Area, Xinzheng Juci Mountain Scenic Area, Xinzheng Horse and Chariot Pits of the Zheng State, Xinzheng Red Jujube Town, Jinshui District Aquarium, Guancheng District Town's God Temple – Confucious Temple, Dengfeng Xianren Valley Scenic Area, Gongyi Fuxi Mountain Snow Cave Scenic Area, Gongyi Qinglong Mountain Ciyun Temple, Gongyi Grotto Temple, Huiji District Yellow River Scenic Area, Huiji District Huayuankou Scenic Area. The Gongyi Yanyue Ancient City is a scenic spot requires no tickets. Medical workers can drink tea and listen to the opera in the opera teahouse for free with their work permits. They can visit the strange and amusing street for free. They also can enter the wax museum and the earthquake and natural disaster museum for free.

Dengfeng Zhaixing Tower (online picture)

5 free 2A-level tourist attractions:

Xinzheng Ouyang Xiu Cemetery, Xinzheng Museum, Dengfeng Zhaixing Tower Scenic Area, Dengfeng Kiln Scenic Area, Dengfeng Fanjia Gate Scenic Area

By the end of this year, the newly opened CCRE • Huayi Brothers Movie Town will also be free to the medical staff nationwide. In addition to the medical workers nationwide, Xingyang Gubaidu Fengle Cherry Blossom Garden will invite journalists, community volunteers, police officers and environmental protection workers fighting in the front line against COVID-19 to visit for free in the early blossom season of cherries. Within one year from the date of resuming operation, the Golden Heron and Ostrich Amusement Park will offer free tickets to medical workers all over the country.

CCRE Huayi Brothers Movie Town, photographed by Li Yan

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