Experience the Poetic Life on Mount Song with Five Senses

Why not experience the poetic life on Mount Song with five senses? Ancients like to abandon themselves to nature, from which they can know themselves and find the true self. For instance, the philosophical thought of “benevolent men are as gentle and solid as mountains and rivers” centers on natural landscapes. The communication between natural landscapes and humans serves as the cultural memories and genes, which are mentally and physically inherited by every Chinese.

Situated in the mountain, we should mobilize our five senses to gradually perceive the mountain’s culture. Through fully utilizing our visual sense, auditory sense, smell, tactile sense and gustation, we can appreciate the majestic mountains and various landscapes, thereby vividly presenting our life art.

Visual sense — enjoying the grand views on the top of the mountain

The harmony between the heaven and the earth exists in the nature. We can learn about the role of mountains in expanding our horizon in the saying of Confucius: “I have a panoramic view of Lu State on the top of the Dong Mountains, as well as the world on the top of Mount Tai”. On Mount Song, we can enjoy the most relaxing and pleasing time in our life while appreciating a variety of lively sights.

Auditory sense — listening to the sounds of nature in the peace of mind

At the foot of Mount Song, we can enjoy the tranquil life in mountain. Standing on the top of Mount Song, we can hear the chirp of insects and the twitter of birds, as well as feel the gentle winds blowing through pines. The noise of bustling crowds under the mountain is like the rites and music for celebrating success, which are only for aces.

Smell — taking a breath of fresh air to feel the purity of the nature

Do you long for pollution-free nature when you are situated in the prosperous city? Why not come to Mount Song to leave urban odour behind, and enjoy the fragrance of grass and flowers? Let us stay away from the urban bustles and immerse ourselves in the fresh air to appreciate nature’s praise and gift for life.

Tactile sense — living a tasteful life by getting in touch with the nature

What is a tasteful life? Is it high-quality or high-standard? There is no answer. However, when you touch a variety of flourishing plants and see the thousand-year-old pavilions with traces of being ravaged by the wind and rain, you will find that living in Mount Song is exactly a classic tasteful life.

Taste — offering diverse delicacies and nourishing all life

Life is like a foodie that needs to experience all the tastes in the world. The tastes in the mountain are mostly original. With the rustic atmosphere of nature, they are pure and delightful. Everything is full of vitality in the mountain, such as the natural fruit and sweet spring. They offer delicacies to people and nourish all creatures in the nature.

Mount Song is like a dictionary. The older you get, the more you appreciate it. We need to explore the charm of Mount Song with our five senses as the scale, redefine our cognition of mountain residence, and discover the beautiful scenery and profound historical connotation of the mountain.

Life is the pursuit for returning to the nature. Living in Mount Song, we can feel the tranquil atmosphere of life. Whether it is because of the silent night with mild breezes or the refreshing air in the forest, we can always forget the bustles in the world and find our own peace.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration