Traffic Controls in Gongyi, Xingyang, Xinmi and Dengfeng

After the urban area of Zhengzhou issued the news of traffic controls on December 3, four cities and counties including Gongyi, Xingyang, Xinmi and Dengfeng also issued the notice of traffic controls in succession. Except Gongyi which will conduct traffic controls during 8:00-20:00 from December 4 to 31 (legal holidays and weekends excluded), other three cities and counties will carry out traffic controls from the midnight of December 4 to 24:00 of December 31, 2017. Traffic restrictions based on even-numbered license plates will be put in place in Gongyi every day, while the other three will restrict both odd- and even-numbered license plates.

The restricted areas in Xingyang are encircled by east of Xingmi Road, west of Ring Expressway, north of Zhongyuan Road West, and south of Kexue Avenue (this road is excluded from roads above).

The restricted areas in Gongyi include: west of S235 (originally S237) (S235 excluded), north of Dufu Road (this road included), east of Xiaoyi Road (this road included), south of Guangming Road (this road included), south of Huochang Road (this road included), and south of Heluo Road (this road excluded).

The restricted areas in Xinmi are the urban roads including east of Xingmi Road, west of Mizhou Avenue, south of Fumin Road, north of Yuexia Road (excluded from the roads above, Fumin Road excepted).

The restricted areas in Dengfeng include: west of the intersection of Shaolin Avenue and Yinghe Road (included), east of Dengfeng Avenue (excluded), north of Yinghe Road (excluded), south of the tourism highway around mountains in urban areas (excluded), north of Yinghe Road in East Dengfeng (excluded), and south of the tourism road (excluded).

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