The 2018 Songshan Shaolin Temple International Martial Arts Conference will Kick off Soon, You must not Miss the Spectacle

Gather Chinese heroic passions and promote the spirit of the Chan sect martial arts of Shaolin! Journalists recently learned in the Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area that the 2018 China Songshan Shaolin International Martial Arts Conference which is organized by China National Travel Service (Dengfeng) Songshan Shaolin Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd, and co-organized by Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts Academy will kick off with a grand opening ceremony in the Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area on July 7.

The 2018 China Songshan Shaolin International Martial Arts Conference is a grand summer offline brand event meticulously planned by Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area with the focus on the brand of “Chinese Martial Arts Tour” promoted by the country, Henan Province and Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau. The event will last for 2 months from July 7 to August 31. As an internationally-renowned brand which is a representative of Chinese tourism going global, Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area will host 8 theme activities with more internationalized perspective and the content of more culture, interaction, creativity and sense of our times. These activities will be staged on every Saturday in the summer. The scenic area wishes to realize the dreams of martial arts of the people, contribute to the central plain with a mass martial arts grand event catching the eyes of the whole world with the martial arts conference. They also wished to put on a martial arts event pooling heroic passions for the Chinese nation and build an international stage for all countries in the world that promotes Chinese traditional culture. The aim is to provide tourists from home and abroad with a Songshan Shaolin Temple tour filled with passion and pride.

Famous martial arts groups including Emei, Wudang, Chenjiagou of Wen County, etc., are invited to gather in Songshan Shaolin Temple, which is the source of the Chan sect and resort of martial arts. The plan is to unveil a martial arts event which will last for two months with Chinese Shaolin martial arts with the oriental flavor. On the day of the opening ceremony, tourists cannot only admire spectacular Chinese martial arts show, but can also appreciate the Shaolin cudgel performed by 10,000 Shaolin disciples.

You can also experience at a short distance Shaolin martial arts including eighteen weapons, flying skills, iron palm, impenetrable defense called golden shield and iron armor, two fingers pointing up, kids kung fu, eight trigrams boxing, six harmony boxing, imitative boxing, sandbag boxing, cinnabar palm, stone lock kung fu, tapping kung fu, running pile kung fu, cantilever lifting kung fu, and bench kung fu. You can learn about how extensive and profound traditional kung fu is and admire the unique glamour of Chinese kung fu.

Do you want to watch 10 thousand people practicing Chinese martial arts? Do you want to watch the spectacle of Chinese and foreign martial arts clashing? Do you want to experience the profound culture of the source of the Chan sect? Do you want an interesting summer with the heroic spirit of martial artists? Do not hesitate. Let’s get together at the 2018 China Songshan Shaolin International Martial Arts Conference on July 7.

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