Huiji Library Openly Solicits Local Literature

Huiji Library, from now on, openly solicits local historical documents in order to properly collect, preserve and use them, and to carry forward and further develop the distinctive culture in Huiji District.

These local historical documents include:

Books, photos, albums, newspapers, periodicals and audio and video products compiled by the Party and government institutions, social associations, schools and enterprises and public institutions to reflect historical, political, economic and cultural life in Huiji District;

Internal materials and publications such as statistic data, collections of conference documents, file compilations, almanacs, maps and directories compiled and printed by departments at all levels and other historical literature;

Historical records and materials about Huiji District such as the local records, records of local departments, enterprises, figures and culture, development history of the Party, schools, factories and villages, and chronicles of events;

Non-governmental family-related records in Huiji District such as genealogy books;

Materials recording celebrities born in Huiji such as family history records, biographies, manuscripts, monographs and letters;

Non-governmental photos recording cultural landscapes and historical scenes, brass rubbings and stone inscriptions, calligraphy, paintings, books of folk songs, account books and land title deeds in Huiji District;

Historical documents and ancient books in Huiji District.

Huiji Library will designate staff to be responsible for preserving and sorting collected literature, with a special area for preservation and exhibition. Donated local literature meeting its collection standards will be preserved permanently as the Library’s formal collection and collection certificates will be issued to their donors. 

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