300 Tour Guides Undertake Special Training

The China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month will be launched next month. How to improve the overall quality of tour guides in Zhengzhou, and enhance their abilities to interpret for and receive tourists, as well as spread the "Yellow River Story" of Zhengzhou? According to the arrangement of the executive committee of the event, yesterday, relevant experts and scholars were invited to train 300 tour guides on the Special Training for Tour Guides for the China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month, which was held by the Zhengzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and the Zhengzhou Tour Guide Management Service Center.

Centered on the archaeological discoveries and achievements of the Shuanghuaishu Site of the Ancient Heluo Kingdom in Gongyi, Wang Xu, associate researcher of the Zhengzhou Municipal Research Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and person in charge of excavating the site, explained discovery process and achievements about the site for over 300 tour guides. During the training, through various presentations and promotional videos, he expounded the significance of these archaeological discoveries and new records set by the site in the field of archaeology by means of a lot of pictures, charts and summaries.

Yesterday afternoon, Wang Shaohua, Dean of Henan Tourism Research Institute of Zhengzhou Tourism College, made an in-depth analysis of the relationship between culture and tourism, and the relationship between the integration of culture and tourism and city development with the theme of "revitalizing culture through tourism development and building city through cultural development". He also comprehensively elaborated some new concepts and orientations of Zhengzhou culture, like "visiting the ancient China in Zhengzhou", "experiencing the time-honored historic culture of Zhengzhou and the brilliant civilization of the Central Plains", and "Two Belts and One Center, One Park and Three Cores".

After the training, many trainees said that the archaeological discoveries of the "Ancient Heluo Kingdom" are crucial materials about the key periods and areas of the origin of Chinese civilization. The Shuanghuaishu Site is regarded as the "embryo of early Chinese civilization". The discoveries about the "Ancient Heluo Kingdom" prove that Zhengzhou was the core area of Chinese civilization 5,300 years ago, which enhances the locals' recognition and pride of Zhengzhou culture. The trainees said they would digest the knowledge that they had learned, and transform them into vivid commentaries to attract more tourists to visit Zhengzhou and learn the history of this ancient capital.

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