Western Taishan Village—A Characteristic Cultural Tourism Village

Western Taishan Village, situated near the south of Zhengzhou, is a characteristic and ecological village of rural tourism in Zhengzhou. You will be captivated as soon as you enter the door, as if accidentally breaking into the land of idyllic beauty described by Tao Yuanming (a famous poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty). Picturesque farmhouse villas will come into sight one after another, with red flowers and green leaves on both sides of the wide and clean road coming alive as well as the neat rows of street lamps guarding the quiet village. What a grand view garden for relaxing the soul. It’s only 6 kilometers away from the south of the University Road via the Belt Expressway and the road is quite clear. What jump into your sight firstly are the traditional gate-style Zhongsheng Gate, a picture of Chairman Mao waving his hand and red revolutionary sculptures under the gate.

After entering the gate, you will firstly see the Red Education Base Block, with a great dining hall with characteristics of that time on the right, a red museum (revolutionary museum) on the left as well as stores for renting clothes of that time, all of which will make you feel like living in that era.

The Red Education Base Block, 500 meters long, mainly shows the red education and culture elements. With the scene block represented by the sculptures of workers, farmers and soldiers, the red museum, the sculpture of the war years, the locomotive in 1947, the Loyalty Dance stage, the wax work museum, ethnic souvenirs, arts-crafts and local specialties, the Red Education Base Block fully demonstrates the development of China’s modern history and its profound culture.

Red education enables every tourist to develop a sense of national cognition and helps to understand the past of the older generation of revolutionary martyrs. Patriotic education is a fundamental work to improve the overall quality of the whole nation as well as an important task to guide people, especially the majority of adolescents to develop correct outlook on life and values.

While walking along, the style changes abruptly to the period of the Republic of China. The Block of the Republic of China, 500 meters long, mainly shows the elements of the Republic of China. With the theme of leisure and entertainment, it mainly boasts the Zhongshan Mansion, the performing arts hall of Shanghai Beach, Zhongshan Park, the water park, the lounge cafe, etc.

This period fully shows the cultural changes of the Republic of China, and gives the full expression to the worship of democracy and science. Democratic and scientific pursuit of the spirit infiltrates all walks of life and the architectures also pursue the romantic atmosphere of perfectionism. Red buildings with black bricks and blue tiles will give you a sense of poetry and dream, and the occasional performance and the rickshaws will give you an illusion of passing through instantly.

The Country Memories Block, full of the original rural flavor, mainly shows the rural appearance before 1980s so as to make tourists feel like in the vast rural world.

You will always be reminded that you have passed through by things like old fences, farmhouses, millstones pulled by donkeys, the tables of the 24 solar terms, old shepherds, heatable adobe sleeping platforms and stages, water wheels and old wells, pictures of the Great Leap Forward in mass production, and Henan dialect. In addition, classic delicacies of Henan and even all parts of China are available on this block.

Besides of Qianjiaji Scenic Area, you can also visit other scenic spots in Taishan Village such as the large playground for children and the underground palace full of adventure. It is such a village, carrying the dream of too many urbanites of seclusion. And the farmhouses, delicious food and beautiful scenery seem to be the most distinctive symbols here. If you are tired or weary, come here to experience the simple local customs, which is more wonderful than the balm of flowers and more charming than the bouquet. Bathing in the sunshine and the breeze, without taking away a piece of petal, you will always remember the fragrance.

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