Travelling during Mid-Autumn Festival: Cities along the “Belt and Road” Are Hot Destinations

The short holidays for Mid-Autumn Festival will arrive soon. Which period will be the travelling peak? Yesterday, the Travelling Trend Report for 2018 Mid-Autumn Holidays released by combining with the big data of its platform showed that September 20 is expected as the travelling peak for the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, and asking for day-offs to lengthen the holidays for travelling will make middle and long-distance tours hotter.   

The Report’s forecast on passenger flow volume during the Mid-Autumn Festival showed that September 20, two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, is expected as the passenger flow peak of such holidays, and after that, passenger flow volume for travelling will start to decline gradually. Among tourists booking the outbound tours for the Mid-Autumn Festival, those choosing the travelling period of 4 to 6 days take up the biggest proportion: 63%. Different from “8 consecutive holidays for National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival” of last year, the mentioned two festivals are separated by a period of 6 days this year, and taking advantage of the annual leave to “accumulate” a super-long vacation period of 16 days greatly enhances the enthusiasm in middle and long-distance tours for this Mid-Autumn Festival, so that the international long-distance cruises become increasingly popular.

Unpopular Destinations Become New Favorites for This Mid-Autumn Festival

Beijing, Sanya, Lhasa, Xiamen, Guilin, Shanghai, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, and Kunming rank as the TOP10 of hot destinations for inbound tours during this Mid-Autumn Festival, according to the data. The enthusiasm for visiting cities along the “Belt and Road” upsurges. Lanzhou, Yinchuan, and other star cities along the “Belt and Road” successfully ascend into the first 10 of hot tourist destinations for inbound tours during such holidays.  

In terms of selecting the destinations for outbound tours, the Southeast Asia with a near distance and high cost performance is still the hot destination for the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Bangkok, Phuket Island, etc. Additionally, unpopular overseas destinations become new favorites for this Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Siem Reap, Rangoon, and Angkor Wat.

Select Legal Travel Agencies for Guided Tours

Holidays for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will arrive soon. The Henan Provincial Tourism Administration yesterday sent the travelling reminders for a large number of tourists.

Before the guided tours, tourists should choose legal, quality and honest travel agencies for enrollment. Before travelling with the group, tourists must sign the written tour contract with the travelling agency and ask for standard invoice. It is suggested that tourists should buy the personal accident insurance before travelling, who can also buy the flight delay insurance according to weather conditions of take-off and landing places of the travelling flights. Tourists can ask for help from the guide, scenic spot, and local travelling authorities, if with difficulties during the tours. During the outbound tours, tourists can also dial “12308”, service hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC, to seek help from local embassies and consulates.

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