Zhengzhou Welcomes the First “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival”

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” in Henan Province will be held on September 23rd with the main venue set in Haoxiangni Jujube Town, Xinzheng City. The celebration at main venue with “Inheriting Farming Civilization & Celebrating Abundant Harvest” as the center, farmers as the main subject, harvest celebration as the main line, and “large granary, large kitchen and abundant culture” as the theme, sets six major themed events including “Harvest Threshing Ground of Central Plains”, “Achievement Exhibition of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Residents”, “Farming Culture of Central Plains”, “Beautiful Village in Central Plains”, “Farming Science and Technology in Central Plains” and “Discussion on Harvest of Central Plains”. Through the forms of “celebrate, display, discuss, enjoy, promote”, the event comprehensively displays the time-honored and abundant farming culture, new achievements in the agricultural development, new style of rural construction and new image of the farmers of Central Plains.

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The activities of branch venues in Zhengzhou have their own characteristics.

In addition to the main venue, relevant counties (cities) in Zhengzhou also adapts to the local conditions to organize activities with various forms and rich contents to celebrate the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival.”

The celebration event of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” in Gongyi City will be held on September 23rd in the “1+1+N” mode with the main venue set in Yanyue Ancient City, Heluo Town, the branch venue set in Zhulin Ancient Town, and venues respectively set in other towns. The celebrations include: results show of farmers’ harvest in Gongyi, local folklore performances of Gongyi, exhibition and performance of workshops and sales exhibitions of agricultural products, farmers art demonstrations, farming civilization display, and farmers talents competition.

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” & the 14th Heyin Pomegranate Culture Festival in Xingyang City will be held on September 23rd with the main venue set in the Pomegranate Square of Liugou Village, Gaocun Township, Xingyang City, and branch venues set in People’s Square, Botanical Garden, Gateball Court for Elders of Xingyang City. The activities mainly include the 14th Heyin Pomegranate Culture Festival, the rural revitalization and pomegranate industry forum, the e-commerce sales exhibition, the agricultural products exhibition, the leisure agriculture photography contest and the promotion of well-designed routes themed with the collection in golden autumn.

The “Celebration of Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival & Qianjiaji Festival” activity in the Qianjiaji Scenic Area of Xinzheng City will start from September 22nd and continue until October 7th, including a variety of harvest scenes, flavor food, characteristic dances, and other wonderful content, as well as a free harvest banquet for everyone!

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” in Dengfeng City employs the “1+4+N” mode, that is, “a main venue (Xuzhuang Town), four branch venues (Gaocheng Town, Daye Town, Songbiao Mining Lot, Zhongyue Office), and multiple featured activities”. From September 23rd to September 28th, the celebration includes exhibition areas, folk activities and cultural performances, farming competitions, and agricultural knowledge education.

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” in Xinmi City will be held on September 23rd in Huanggusi Village, Chaohua Town, including 6 items such as agricultural products display, agricultural equipment display, poverty alleviation photography exhibition, intangible cultural heritage, local culture promotion, and delicacy of Xinmi.

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers Harvests’ Festival” in Zhongmu County event will be held on September 21st at Hongyi International Manor with six items including harvest celebration of thousands of households, harvest results showcase, harvest discussion of all sectors of society, harvest share by all people, harvest promotion by e-commerce, and harvest enhancement by poverty alleviation.

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival & the Henan · Yellow River Autumn Harvest Culture Festival” in Huiji District will be held on September 22nd at the Rose Manor in Huiji District, which will last for 20 days, including the opening ceremony, parent-child picking, parent-child sports, paintings & calligraphy and photography contest, national parade of Tik Tok celebrities, products trade fair, etc.

The celebration of the first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” in Erqi District will be held in Yingtaogou Village on September 22nd, including harvest celebration artistic performance of farmers, art joint exhibition involving 21 art galleries and 68 artists, and academic salon exhibition of colleges, and “Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Residents” themed New Year pictures & comic strip exhibition.

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