Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival Opens at Zhongyuan Tower, Lasting through October 7

Sponsored by the People’s Government of Zhengzhou Municipality and organized by the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication, the 2018 China Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival has kicked off at Zhongyuan Tower. Leaders including Fa Jianqiang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress, attended the opening ceremony. A total of over 1,000 people watched the circus performance during the ceremony, including representatives of municipal model workers, advanced individuals of spiritual civilization construction, as well as women and children.

It is reported that this circus carnival aims to provide a new platform of activities of international cultural exchange for actors of different races from four continents to show their skills with passion and offer high-level, excellent and breathtaking performances of international circus acrobats.

It is the third time that the carnival has been held in Zhengzhou. As a key cultural measure for the public, this carnival, adhering to the government-led and people-friendly purposes with culture, will last through October 7. During the show, artists from the countries along the “Belt and Road” such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia will offer the public more than 40 wonderful circus acrobatic shows.

In addition, since the show combines with South American elements, actors present the style of South America through their manipulation performance. Elephants graduated from the Thai Elephant School play the harmonica leisurely, jumping up to shoot at the basket, which is one of the highlights of the whole show.


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