In Order to Spend with Families, Come to Fantawild for a Warm Journey

Pleasure is not only a kind of attitude to life, but a yearning for a better life. However, with an increasingly faster pace of learning or working, sometimes it is hard to have reunion dinner, not to mention the travel with families. As the National Day holidays are coming, please seize the opportunity, and do not let the reunion become regret.

During the holidays, Zhengzhou Fantawild will launch a new project—“Fantawild Baiyi Talents Show, and a Happy Quintet”, to meet every family member’s demands for happiness on that occasion.

The Baiyi Talents Show gives you endless happiness.

During the period from October 1 to 8, Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure will create the Super Youth Party centered on the “Hip-Hop”, including various performances, such as the street dance, freestyle street basketball, action art, and maximal exercise. 

Zhengzhou Fantawild Dreamland will create a family joy atmosphere based on the traditional performing arts, including the “Harmony of Nature and Mankind”, a Chinese Martial Arts performed on the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the traditional instruments orchestra which can show women’s elegant demeanor, and the Children’s Opera—Bear Dances. These performances are good for all ages in a traditional way, and make all family members enjoy themselves.

Meet on the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate with Zhengzhou Fantawild! On October 1, a hundred little musicians will play songs here, as a gift for the motherland.

In addition, the family magic show invited by Zhengzhou Fantawild will also become another chance for parents enjoy with children.

Feel unrestrained joy on the holidays, and enjoy a reunion in Fantawild.

Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure will prolong its business hours to 21:30 for eight consecutive days. Since the ancient time, joyous festivals deserved moon night, and fine view deserved the beauty. The romantic and warm moment of sitting in front of the castle with one you love best, listening to music, and watching the fireworks explode into the night, will be only experienced in Fantawild.

As holidays are precious, it is very important to make a right choice. If you want to enjoy yourself every moment, then come to Zhengzhou Fantawild on the National Day. Besides, tourists visiting during the Mid-Autumn Festival have a chance to taste specially-customized moon cakes by Fantawild for free.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration