Enjoy Autumn at Changshou Mountain | The Red Leaves Here are about to Keep You Enthralled

If you missed out on a summer vacation to Changshou Mountain this year,

please don't miss out on the autumn of Changshou Mountain again.

The landscape here in autumn is colorful.

It's like you are in the palette of Mother Nature.

The valley is like a fairyland with flying maple leaves and gurgling rivers.

It is surrounded by European smoke trees.

The mountains are covered with trees.

When viewed from afar, they are like a picture with boundless beauty.


Autumn here is gentle and gorgeous.

It's not just because of the mountains.

It is also because of the hundreds of different plant species here.

From early autumn to late autumn,

the red leaves of Changshou Mountain are constantly changing

their magical and colorful appearance.

The red leaves carry with them the lingering attachment of humans.

There will always be a red leaf for you in the golden autumn.

Changshou Mountain Scenic Area, as one of the top ten red leaves-viewing spots in China,

is the largest area with the most diverse red leaves in the Central Plains.

Red leaves here can last longer than any other viewing spot.

The red leaves are the symbol of autumn.

They also form the most beautiful scenery in autumn.

Autumn is hidden in Changshou Mountain,

simple yet special.

In the most beautiful season of the four seasons,

autumn is waiting quietly for your arrival.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration