Shaolin Zen Music Ritual 2019 Comes Back with Huge Benefits in the First Performance on March 8

Behind the long-time waiting is the sincere hope.

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual would like to extend gratitude to

our friends for their support and attention.

You had never been away but waited patiently for us

during the winter break.

Now, Shaolin Zen Music Ritual 2019 makes a gorgeous return

and will never disappoint you


To make the stage effect more amazing for 2019, the company has invested heavily in upgrading the stage equipment, lighting system and scenic area quantification during the winter break of 2018. It has also purchased 4 sets of laser light equipment to better the effect of the performance!

 (The staff members, defying the severe cold, repair and upgrade the artificial moon)

 (The artificial moon with a diameter of 20 meters in the performance)

To better integrate the martial arts, music and dance and better display the charm of Zen culture and martial arts culture, the company has attached great importance to the appearances of actors and actresses as well as their deep understanding of Zen and martial arts when casting. They are required to show their understanding through the proper body languages and demeanors. They started rehearsal one month before the official performance.

Moreover, the staff members have carefully reviewed and replaced the signages in the scenic area, viewing areas and auditorium, so as to provide all the audience with a comfortable and safe site for watching and traveling when the ritual is staged in 2019!

 (Staff members replace the seat covers in the auditorium)

The company will make full preparation during the break for the performance in the coming year. The preparation involves the upgrading of lighting and stage effects, casting and rehearsal, planning of events to bring benefits, and cleaning of the scenic areas. There was so much to do, but all members have worked with due diligence and never complained, only to present a more amazing and wonderful show for all the audience!

The wait and preparation are worthwhile

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual 2019 makes a grand return!

Please enjoy the benefits for the first performance:

Benefits for the first performance

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual 2019

Date of first performance

March 8, 2019

Time: 8:00-9:15

Date with a discount

March 8 and 9, 2019

 (Only on Friday and Saturday)


RMB 39 for Section C (original price RMB 199)

RMB 79 for Section B (original price RMB 269)

RMB 99 for Section A (original price RMB 299)

RMB 199 for VIP area (original price RMB 499)

RMB 299 for the presidential area (original price RMB 999)

Free admission for children under 1.3 meters (accompanying parent required)

Children over 1.3 meters need to buy adult tickets

(Click here to buy tickets)

(Special tickets will not be refunded once sold)




Shaolin Zen Music Ritual 2019 will be soon grandly performed

We will wait for you on March 8

in Daixiangou Scenic Area in Songshan Mountain, China.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration