A Summary of Tourist Market during the Spring Festival in Some Counties (Cities) and Districts of Zhengzhou

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, the third day of Spring Festival holiday, we made a summary of the tourist market during the holiday in some counties (cities) and districts as follows:

Gongyi City:

Gongyi received 200,500 tourists and realized a tourist income of RMB 4,167,600, up 552% and 423% year on year, respectively. Among that, Kang Baiwan’s Mansions received 13,200 tourists and earned RMB 383,100, rising by 180.2% and 75.6% year on year, respectively; Zhulin Changshoushan Ancient Town received 80,000 tourists and gained RMB 650,000; Yanyue Ancient City received 100,000 and gained RMB 3 million; Grotto Temple received 1,154 and gained RMB 16,000, up 2.3% and 116.8%, respectively; Xuehua Cave of Fuxi Mountain received 2,092 and gained RMB 82,660, up 178.2% and 124%, respectively.

On the third day of Spring Festival holiday, visits to relatives and friends as well as family short-distance tours continue to heat up, and tourism market is still booming. Driven by the overwhelming popularity of Yanyue Ancient City and Changshou Mountain in Zhulin Town, the number of tourists and revenue of Grotto Temple and Xuehua Cave of Fuxi Mountain have experienced substantial increases compared with the same period last year.

All scenic areas have launched special folk performances themed on “Blessing Cultural Temple Fair for the New Year”, and prepared distinctive “festival folklore grand events” filled with Spring Festival atmosphere for citizens, especially activities like “Starlight Carnival” and Royal Circus in Changshou Mountain, as well as Datiehua show, driving with a single arm, racecourse, and auto racing show in Yanyue Ancient City, which enjoyed great popularity among tourists and are regarded as highlights of their Spring Festival travels.

To prevent traffic jams alongside scenic spots such as Yanyue Ancient City and Changshou Mountain, coordination has been conducted to arrange more police along S314, National Highway 310 and other road sections. The move was aimed at ensuring smooth and orderly passage on main roads by intensifying control over roads and actively carrying out traffic dispersion.


Xinzheng City:

 “Spring Festival Village Party” in Children Country Parent-Child Farm was Hotly Opened

During the Spring Festival of 2018, the Children Country Parent-Child Farm in Xinzheng organized a series of activities themed on “Chickens and Dogs Together Awake the New Year, Children Country Parent-Child Farm Celebrates the Spring Festival”, including catching chickens for blessing, driving geese home, fountain actuated by dolphin vocal sound, live jump, family guessing lantern riddles, snowball fight imitation, lucky red packet rain, children's badge exchange and other participatory activities. Coupled with the farm’s original events like Rose Garden, Rainbow Paradise and Tire Maze, the farm provided tourists with a parent-child recreation feast full of happiness and country flavor.

On sunny first day of the Chinese New Year, large crowds hustled and bustled in Children Country. More than 3,000 tourists from Xinzheng, Xinmi, Zhongmu, Dengfeng, downtown Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Luoyang and other places spent a joyous and warm New Year, together with their families in an environment close to nature.

On that day, Children Country attained the targets of zero accident and zero complaint. According to a sampling questionnaire survey, the satisfaction degree of tourists was as high as 96.9%, and the 35.2% of the visitors have been here before. Children Country Parent-Child Farm will be upgraded in 2018 in terms of nature education, the innovation in festival activities, the optimization of farm environment, and the refinement of reception services, and will adhere to the idea of "educating kids with nature and heartfelt companionship", and "let their childhood run freely”.


The Museum Organizes a Series of Activities to Celebrate the Spring Festival

From the Chinese New Year Eve to January 2nd of Chinese Lunar Calendar, the museum received more than 2,000 tourists and offered guiding services to over 20 batches of people, ensuring zero complaint and zero accident. During the holiday, with its excellent outlook, neat and comfortable environment, and high-quality services, the museum has become an ideal place for families to gather together and enjoy the happiness of reunion during the Spring Festival. The museum offers a wonderful cultural feast to the people of the city during the festival, so that audience can closely appreciate the long history and profound cultural deposits of Xinzheng during their visits, thus improving their awareness of history and culture.


Holiday Briefing of Ouyang Xiu Park

During the Spring Festival of 2018, Ouyang Xiu Park organized an activity titled “Guessing the New Year Lantern Riddles”, and held events including cultural tour, exhibition of Ouyang Xiu’s stories on honest and integrity and tourists’ worship tour, providing an environment filled with a strong Spring Festival atmosphere and abundant tourism products.

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year, the third day of Chinese Lunar New Year Golden Week in 2018. The scenic area received hundreds of tourists from Zhengzhou, Xinmi, Xuchang, Dengfeng, Anhui and other places. Several of them are descendants of Ouyang Xiu who came here from afar.

Today, the scenic area also saw zero accident and zero complaint. According to a questionnaire, tourists’ satisfaction degree exceeded 95%, and 30% of the tourists were on their second-time travel. The year of 2018 will see further innovations of the scenic area in both cultural and worship tours, in a bid to improve its popularity among visitors.

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