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TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project

The Tourism Promotion Organization for Asian-Pacific Cities (TPO) is the earliest-established international organization in the Asia-Pacific Region to boost exchanges between local governments and the development of the cultural and tourism industry. Over the years, TPO has devoted great efforts to build an exchange platform among tourism cities in the Asia-Pacific Region and enhance the influence of these cities. Kick-started by TPO, the TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project will further boom tourism in the Asia-Pacific Region, strengthen close exchanges and cooperation between Asia-Pacific cities and organizations, lay a sound foundation for the post-pandemic recovery of tourism, and build a platform for high-end exchanges and cooperation between Asia-Pacific tourism cities for common development.

Tourism information promotion of Incheon City

Everyone can be the protagonist when traveling in Incheon

Incheon is a coastal city with natural scenery and a famous historical city of South Korea with brilliant prospects in the future.

For those who want to have great fun, the experience in Ganghwa Island and Wolmido Island will bring you great joy; for those who want to relax, islands in Incheon can provide you with tranquil recuperation and relaxation; for those who want to feel the modernization and comfort of the city, Songdo International Business District is the best choice.

Everything you see, hear, talk and feel in Incheon will bring you great joy.

1. Charming Special Travel - Ganghwa Island

Jeondeungsa Temple

Jeondeungsa Temple is the oldest temple in South Korea.

When you enter the temple, you will feel like being in the deep mountains. There are many active activities in the temple, attracting numerous tourists home and abroad.

Luge Experience

Luge uses the inclination and gravity of the track to move. When taking a cable car to the starting point of the Luge, the landscape of Ganghwa Island is integrated with the sea and mountains and the sunset, which is picturesque.

2. The Ocean of Memory and Happiness - Wolmido Island

Here, you can see the vast sea, as well as the history, culture, entertainment, and leisure. It is one of the representative tourist destinations of Incheon.

You can take a boat to Yeongjong Island to enjoy the exciting journey.

Besides, if you take the longest urban monorail train newly introduced to South Korea, you will enjoy the beautiful views of Wolmido Island, Incheon Inner Port, Seohae Sea, and Incheon Bridge.

3. Incheon Island Tour

Incheon is a city with 168 beautiful islands.  Sindo Island, Sido Island, and Modo Island can be reached within ten minutes or more by foot with a relaxed mood. Baengnyeong Island can be reached in only four hours with a fast boat. Let's transiently quit the daily routine to enjoy the island trip in Incheon.

4. Travel to Heaven - Yeongjong Island

Yeongjong Island, where Incheon International Airport is located, is the gateway of the Republic of Korea.

It dreams to be a hub in Northeast Asia while retaining its places for leisure and in green colors.

Eulwangri Beach and Wangsan Beach are built for leisure. When enjoying the around-island race, you can enjoy the mental relaxation brought by the sunset at both the seashore and the port.

5. Emotional Urban Travel - Songdo International Business District

- Songdo Central Park

The Songdo Central Park is a marine park surrounded by the sea. The 1.8-km waterway constructed by the seawater shines under the sunlight. Songdo Island is a representative tourist attraction, where you can not only take a stroll but also take a taxi and bicycle over the water surface and other water-related experiences. The lights coming from the high buildings nearby and the lighting of the park will form a dreamy nightscape in the evening.

- Shopping Travel

Shopping is one of the pleasures when traveling in Songdo International Business District

HYUNDAI Outlets, Triple Street, NC Cube Connal Walk, and other large shopping malls are not only popular in South Korea, but also reputable among foreign tourists.

6. Travel in Incheon by Urban Tourist Bus

If it is difficult for you to have a planned trip in Incheon, taking the urban tourist bus for sightseeing would also be a good choice.

By taking the double-decker, you will enjoy the scenic spots along the route. There are circular tourism route and themed tourism route. The circular tourism route mainly goes by sea and open ports in Incheon. While the themed tourism route mainly goes through various thematic sites such as the historical and cultural sites of Incheon, Wolmido Island, Ganghwa Island, and nightscape tourism spots.

7. Enjoy Incheon Street Snacks

If you want to taste street snacks in Incheon, you can go to the traditional market.

In Sinpo International Market, you can savor the spicy fried chicken with spicy flavor on the crispy fried chicken. In Moraenae Market, gimbap of different kinds, flavors, and tastes is very popular.

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