The Cultural Tourism Industry in Zhengzhou Pays Close Attention to Epidemic Prevention and Control and Safety Production Implementation

In order to thoroughly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and effectively guarantee the safe and orderly operation of the cultural tourism market in Zhengzhou, the Zhengzhou Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, under the arrangement and deployment of Zhengzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, carried out comprehensive supervision and inspection on cultural and entertainment places and travel agencies such as Internet cafes, KTV and cinemas in the whole city.

This inspection will order on-site rectification of the places with problems identified. During the inspection, it was found that most cultural and entertainment places attached great importance to epidemic prevention and control, while some places still had a lax attitude towards epidemic prevention and safety in production.

In the next step, the regulatory units of the cultural tourism industry in Zhengzhou will continue to intensify inspections and continuously promote the healthy development of the cultural tourism industry in the whole city. Citizens are welcome to actively report the business activities of cultural tourism with hidden dangers of epidemic prevention and safety via 12318.

In this inspection, the list of 9 enterprises whose epidemic prevention measures are not in place is as follows:

Yilong Internet Bar

League of Legends Net Cafe

Zhonglu Time&Space No. 12 Internet Bar

Blue Ice Net Cafe

Yigao Net Cafe

Jiuyu Net Cafe

Changyuan Internet Bar

Lanbo Internet Bar

Jinlang Internet Bar

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