Good Destinations around Zhengzhou for One-day Mountaineering Tours

Shizu Mountain

Location: Xindian Town, 15 km southwest of Xinzheng

Shizu Mountain, previously known as Juci Mountain, at 793 m above sea level, is the place where Yellow Emperor, one of the primogenitors of the Chinese civilization, was born, founded the capital and made a career. It’s a good idea to take a fresh breath in the mountain on a warm, sunny day.

Changshou Mountain

Location: Zhulin Town, Gongyi City

Changshou Mountain, formerly known as Sanshu Hill or Seshu Hill, boasts abundant natural resources and diversified cultural landscapes. There are various scenic spots including Dragon and Tortoise respectively symbolizing fortune and longevity, Bijia Mountain and Sanxing Palace, as well as a newly developed distinctive town down the hill, where you can wine and dine and enjoy yourself to your heart's content.

Fuxi Mountain

Location: Xinmi City

Fuxi Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and the place where human ancestors Fuxi and Nüwa created the culture of family name, Eight Diagrams and marriage as well as other Chinese civilization. Currently there are scenic areas such as Fuxi Grand Canyon, Sanquan Lake and Red-stone Forest. Here you can enjoy the sea of clouds very often.

Qinglong Mountain

Location: Minquan Village, Dayugou Town, Gongyi City

Qinglong Mountain, located in Gongyi, has rarely been developed, with natural scenery and fewer tourists. There are reservoirs with clear water. Ciyun Temple in the mountain, formerly as famous as White Horse Temple, is truly worthy of a visit.

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