The Art Lecture of Huiji District Cultural Center Opens

The art lecture of Huiji District Cultural Center recently opened in Caifeng China Art Creation Space, where Xie Anjun, the council member of China Calligraphers Association and Vice Chairman of Henan Provincial Calligraphers Association shared experience with calligraphy amateurs.

The lecture was held with the aim of building up a professional communication platform for people who like calligraphy, improving their art appreciation and creation capacity. Calligraphy amateurs and members of Huiji District Paintings Photographer Association, unites of villages and towns, sub-district offices and the districts have attended the lecture.

In the lecture, Xie Anjun firstly commented on works of some amateurs, analyzed excellent works of the 10th National Excellent Calligraphy Work of China, answered questions about calligraphy creation one by one, and demonstrated his good skill by on-site creating.

To satisfy people’s demands about culture, Huiji District Cultural Center opened art lectures since last year and is striving to create “Meeting in the Cultural Center, Face-to-Face with Masters” lecture series. It has successively invited masters in fields of Chinese ancient civilization, dance, traditional (Chinese) opera, literature, painting, calligraphy, photography, etc., thus greatly improving people’s appreciation to art. Caifeng China Art Creation Space is a professional base for art creating, research, exhibition and photographs as well as a training center for calligraphy and paintings, clay figurines and porcelain.

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