Green Expo Garden Holds Traditional Cultural Activities During Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is approaching. To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the public and create a festive, healthy and cheerful holiday atmosphere during the festival, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will hold the 2019 Chinese New Year Excellent Traditional Culture Celebrations in Zhengzhou from the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month. Traditional cultural activities like folk performances, festive lanterns, lily flowers exhibition, Central Plains dinosaur exhibition, Huamo exhibition (Huamo is a kind of steamed bun with different patterns and colors), gourd art exhibition, embroidery exhibition, as well as enjoying all kinds of delicious food from all over the country, and participating in the carnival will let the tourists experience the traditional “new year atmosphere”. New Year Blessing - Whipping Cow

To represent the farming civilization that highlights the importance of agriculture and food, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will replicate the traditional “Whipping Cow” folk performance and present it to the public during the Chinese New Year under the theme of “New Year Blessing”. It symbolizes the vision for harvest and good life at the beginning of the New Year, and represents New Year blessings for visitors in the Year of the Pig.

Shehuo Welcomes the New Year

Shehuo is a time-honored, large-scale fervent folk art with strong connotations. During the Chinese New Year, nine Shehuo performance teams from Xunxian County, Hebi City—the hometown of Chinese folk art—will be invited to perform. Meanwhile, wonderful performances such as “Chinese Guardian Lion, Hobbyhorse on Stilts, Golden Turtle Dance, and War among the Three Kingdoms” will reproduce the cultural charm of historical remains.

Admiring Lanterns
Admiring Lanterns is a traditional custom of the Chinese people during the Chinese New Year. The red lanterns are a reflection of happiness and the festive atmosphere. More than 100 sets of lanterns will be exhibited during this Lantern Festival. They include “Golden Pig’s Blessings”, “Gold and Jade Filling the Hall”, “Lion’s Celebrations”, “Ancient Styles” and “Elephant Dance”. The grand, fantastic Lantern Festival will feature “shape, color, sound, light, movement and scenery” integration, and visitors will be able to enjoy the flowing light and color of the night.

Lily Flowers Exhibition
Lily symbolizes long-term harmony, peace, beauty, happiness and reunion. From the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month, the Lily Flowers Exhibition will be held in the 4,000-square-meter intelligent greenhouse of the Green Expo Garden. A variety of lilies, such as Sorbonne, Montezuma, and Golden Passion, will be displayed to the public in such art forms as artistic modelings, flower porches, and flower columns, enabling the citizens to enjoy the Chinese New Year and the arriving ofspring better.

Zhongyuan Dinosaurs Exhibition under the Theme “Walking with Ancient Dinosaurs”

Five distinguishing exhibition areas have been set up in the 5,000-square-meter exhibition hall: Tree of Life—Future Agreement, Brilliant Achievements—Art Inheritance, Walking with Dinosaurs—Interaction, Ancient Dinosaurs—Fossil Science, Future Madness—Dinosaur Experiment. Each exhibition area has its own characteristics. The decorations, structures and arrangement of exhibits will all impact on you visually.

The Central Plains Gourd Art Exhibition

In the Chinese language, gourd, a homophone of “wealth”, symbolizes longevity, auspices, and fertility. It is regarded as the mascot for an endless flow of offspring. This exhibition will be held under the theme “dedication to art blesses future generations”. Five different crafts of engraving, filigree, pyrography, painting, and embossing give visitors a wonderful view of gourd art.

Luoyang Embroidery Art Exhibition
Luoyang embroidery is a wonderful traditional embroidery art. Thanks to the exquisite workmanship employed in the making of Luoyang embroidery, the patterns are pleasant to look at. People usually say, “All patterns necessarily transmit a certain auspicious message.” This exhibition will be held under the theme of “ten fingers compose a wonderful Luoyang embroidery sonata”. The products, which feature embroidery crafts and culture as well as flowers, birds, fish and insects, showcase the unique charm of embroidery in Chinese folk culture.

Henan-Shaanxi Mianhua Exhibition

Mianhua, also known as dough modelling, is a genuine folk art with vivid and exaggerated shapes, exquisite workmanship and distinct colors. This exhibition will be held under the theme of “plain white dough can be the material of endless artistic works”. These artistic works will feature “appliques, variants, flower arrangement, Chinese New Year, marriage, birthday celebration, and birth”.

The Central Plains Handicraft Conference

During the Chinese New Year, the Central Plains Handicraft Conference will be held under the theme of “craftsman, ingenuity, skill and life”, and more than 60 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage will demonstrate the inheritance and development of excellent Chinese arts and crafts. They will call on people, especially the youth, to participate in the protection, inheritance and development of excellent traditional folk arts and crafts.

Unique Traditional Techniques—Teaching of Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage

In order to enable the public to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture in person, Green Expo Garden invited well-known inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and folk artists in the province to interact with the citizens and let more citizens participate in the protection and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture through the display and teaching of traditional magic, acrobatics and martial arts.

Catering in the Central Plains · Cuisines

Delicacies from 18 cities in Henan Province have gathered in Hometown-Taste Gourmet Street in Green Expo Garden. They include Hometown Tofu from Xuchang, Sunny-side Up Eggs from Jiyuan, Bufan Soup from Luoyang, Shatang Soup from Shangqiu, Steamed Buns from Hebi, and Flat Noodles from Anyang. Raw materials are seen to be made into finished products and then sold. At the same time, Taiwanese cuisine masters are invited to make various kinds of delicious snacks and fruit feasts for tourists to choose from.

The Thrilling Folk Carnival

To better create a happy, peaceful and lively festive atmosphere for tourists during the Chinese New Year, functional areas such as “season interpretations, New Year shopping, and entertainment” have been arranged in the park to immerse tourists in a sea of beauty and happiness. Nearly 200 traditional folk carnivals, which are popular with the people, bring back childhood memory and joy in temple fairs.

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