Night Economy | A Vigorous Zhengzhou Night Economy Lights the Hustle and Bustle of the City

With day and night intertwined, a city is lit in the flashing neon lights; when the night is falling, a refreshed Zhengzhou under the halo of lights is presented in the endless stream of vehicles; the night is lit and the night economy redefines the current image of Zhengzhou.

The long alleys in the marketplace are the life that is full of hustle and bustle.

The city favors newness, and the urban economy develops in a diversified manner, showing the charm of the city at night. According to the survey report on urban residents’ consumption habits by the Ministry of Commerce, 60% of consumption in China is done at night, and sales from 18 to 22 p.m. of large shopping malls accounts for more than 1/2 of their sales in a whole day. The night economy has become a “new blue ocean of urban consumption”.

Huiyi Yinheli Mall in Zhengzhou, Photo by Wen Jian

To light the “night economy”, the first step is to enrich the “nightlife” in Zhengzhou.

Take the subway and head east, you will catch the trend of Zhengzhou. The light show by the Ruyi Lake lights up the night of Zhengzhou; the street singers in Millennium Royal Plaza bring softness in the hustle and bustle of the city; there are people strolling about, working out, drinking tea and playing cards in the inner rings of the CBD... Standing in the crowds, you can feel the hustle and bustle. Modern trends gather here and become the new “night” business format that drives Zhengzhou’s economic development.

Take the subway and head west, you can find the vigor of Zhengzhou. Jiankang Road, Funiu Road, Ruhe Road... Walking along these old streets, you can wine and dine and enjoy yourself. Everything is charming against the noisy barbecue stalls and adventurous streets and alleys under street lights. People in Zhengzhou like the western suburb, not only because of its divesity, but also because of the stories and life here. All kinds of life gather here, blending into normal daily life in Zhengzhou.

Take the subway and head south, you can appreciate the romance of Zhengzhou. The gorgeous Fu Tower perfectly integrates technology with fashion. When the night falls, the 388-meter-high Fu Tower reveals its grace in majesty. On the 281-meter-high circular trail, looking up, you can see the starry sky and the moonlight intertwining into a picture; looking down, you can have a panoramic view of the night scene of Zhengzhou. The romantic atmosphere of “International Zhengzhou is no less than that of Paris.

Take the subway and head north, you can experience the prosperity of Zhengzhou. When the bustle of the day fades, the neon lights on the bar street of Nongke Road are lit, revealing the prosperity of Zhengzhou at night. In the business circle of Huayuan Road, you can experience the economic vitality of Zhengzhou whole strolling about, eating and shopping. Yanzhuang, an urban village, has developed rapidly over the decades, witnessing the great changes in Zhengzhou. The Manhattan business district gathering people, goods and wealth is a decoration for this sleepless city. The North Third Ring Business District was born with commercial development in Zhengzhou, enlivening the night economy in Zhengzhou again.

Night view of Zhengzhou Memorial Tower for February 7 Strike, Photo by Cui Guanghua

Lit by Zhengzhou Memorial Tower for February 7 Strike, the night of Zhengzhou gradually attracts more people, businesses and wealth. Nightlife symbolizes the vigor of Zhengzhou and extends the life of Zhengzhou. The nighttime charm of Zhengzhou has been rapidly spread in this city.

Trunk Bazaar in Zhengzhou, Photo by Wen Jian

Since June this year, the third consumption season themed “Beautiful Night in Zhengzhou” has been held in full swing. It is reported that the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government have introduced a series of policies and measures to boost consumption and stabilize growth. The Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce has organized a number of activities with a total of more than RMB 400 million invested, driving consumption valuing about RMB 15 billion. Driven by the campaign of red envelopes for payments, the urban consumption of Zhengzhou during the Summer Consumption Festival in July increased by more than 30% compared with that in June.

Zhengzhou Metro Cool Holiday Creative Bazaar, Photo by Jiao Xiaoxiang

Since June 20 this year, together with Metro TV of Zhengzhou Radio and TV Station, Zhengzhou Metro Group has carried out a series of events themed “Cool Summer” — Zhengzhou Metro Cool Holiday Creative Bazaar. The events cover four major business districts in Zhengzhou. Characteristic bazaars were set up in four metro stations including South Dongfeng Road Station, Henan University of Technology Station, Zhengzhou University Station and Dongshilipu Station. The public space in metro stations was fully utilized to demonstrate cultural and creative products and the business format of intangible cultural heritage while integrating the current youth culture, so as to enliven the atmosphere in metro stations. This allows passengers to play, drink, listen and eat in joy and have fun in the “night economy” while waiting for the train.

The city blossoms in the night and strides forward in neon lights. Zhengzhou is an extraordinary city forging ahead. Every happiness in normal daily life can stimulate the vitality and momentum of Zhengzhou. Do not hesitate, come to leave your footprint of youth in the gorgeous night view accompanied by the lingering light of the setting sun.

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