China Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival Will Kick Off this Month

2017 China Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival will kick off this month. Yesterday, the municipal government issued the Overall Work Programme OF 2017 China Zhengzhou International Circus Carnival to arrange the preparation work.

The carnival sponsored by the municipal government and provincial cultural department will be held in September and October in our city under the theme of “an event of circus and a festival for the people”. Under the foundation of the success of the 2016 carnival, the 2017 one will go on taking “building up platform, promoting communication, performance for public good and benefiting people through culture” as the purpose, thus expanding the cultural exchanges among countries and regions along the Belt and Road routes and enriching people’s cultural life.

The carnival will invite excellent acrobat and circus teams from home and abroad to show the top techniques and achievements of acrobat and circus by performing midair acrobatics, stage acrobatics, animal taming, clown show and magic show, which are artistic, thoughtful, thrilling and charming.

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