Henan Provincial Trade Union and Zhongyuan Tower Jointly Organized Patriotic Activity of Tower Climbing Marathon

The patriotic activity Take the Road of the Long March and Go for the New Age of tower climbing marathon that jointly organized by Henan Provincial Trade Union and Zhongyuan Tower launched officially on the afternoon of November 11. This activity is a patriotic charity activity, it is free to climb the tower, and participants sign up for participation by units. The activity will last for about 2 months. One can log in the official website of Zhongyuan Tower and complete the registration form to sign up from today.

Zhongyuan Tower with a height of 388 meters is the tallest tower that is all-steel-structured in the world, and it was awarded the Most Beautiful Building in Henan in 2016. The panoramic painting Splendid China includes ninety-six sceneries of eighteen cities in Henan. It is the biggest hand-painted oil painting panorama certified by the Guinness World Records in 2011, as well as the first station for nonlocal travelers to enjoy the traveling in Henan. There are 101 floors, about 3,000 steps in Zhongyuan Tower, and about hundred Precious photos of The Long March was selected to arrange the steps as a cultural corridor of The Long March, enable the competitors to experience the culture of The Long March, accept the patriotism education, inspire the spirit, play the hard work style, and take the long march road for the new age steadily.

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