Visit the Greenery Theme Park to Appreciate the Sea of Moth Orchid during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day

On September 28, the Seventh Henan Moth Orchid Show will be opened in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park. This show, centered on the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the hottest culture at present, is innovated in its colors, types and design originality, giving tourists a wonderful “Visual Feast”.

It is known that this show will start from September 28 to October 31, during which anyone who entered the park can appreciate the show for free. This Moth Orchid Show will focus on the “Belt and Road” culture, with the main materials of various orchids, in combination of multiple natural elements, such as ivies, oncidium, bamboos, and green plants, to creatively arrange the greenhouse. In the intelligent greenhouse, with an area of 4,000 square meters, there are totally 60,000 moth orchids including over 50 varieties to be perfectly displayed in front of tourists with 10 themes, exerting itself for the “Orchid Show along Silk Road”. Bright colors, unique shapes, and elegant fragrance will fill the whole exhibition hall.

This show is innovated in its colors, types and design originality, and combined with the hottest Silk Road culture. Various moth orchids including Caidie, Xiantao, Heitiane, Huofenghuang, Shuijing, and Bingshan Meiren, are applied to antique imitation gate house, environmental protection, Land Silk Road Train, Maritime Silk Road, modern urban agglomeration, farmyard, national unity, Chinese culture, and oasis in the exhibition hall, all of these themes demonstrate the rapid development of China from the aspects of society, economy, and politics. The beauty of natural harmony of flowers and plants is displayed on this Moth Orchid Show with a gorgeous style, giving you a chance to revel in the colorful and spectacular view with the autumn breeze and strong fragrant smell.

During the holidays, besides appreciating the gorgeous Orchid Show, tourists can also feel the most traditional mid-autumn local culture. Many wonderful programs will be staged in turn, including the Folk Art Performance, Folk Arts and Crafts Fair, Exhibition of Unique Skills on Folk Arts and Crafts, Time-honored Brands in Henan, Exhibition of Tribute from the Central Plains, and Delicious Foods Gathering in the “Flavors from the Hometown”. In addition, during the period from October 1 to 8 when the evening show will be opened, with longer time, colorful music fountains, shinning starry sky and romantic night scene will give you a totally different visual enjoyment.


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