Zhengzhou Park: Listen to the Stories of the “Five Sages” Across Time

Yesterday, the volunteer training for the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo opened in Zhengzhou, which was directed by the Garden Park Construction Headquarters of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone and held by the Municipal Travel Bureau and the Municipal Tourism Vocational Institute.

In the three-day training, there are two phases. On the intensive teaching mode, experts, in and out of Henan Province, from the fields of tourism and project have come and introduced the province and city, the planning, construction and overview of the 11th Expo and service etiquette to volunteers; on the practical training held at the third day, the organizer took volunteers into the park and helped them to know about the sightseeing routes, locations of exhibition halls and service stations. The sense of service and professionalism would finally be strengthened through such simulated trainings. 

According to the relevant responsible person in the Municipal Travel Bureau, the objective of the train is to build a quality and professional volunteer team, which can provide good and efficient service to make the Expo held smoothly.

Nanyang Park is firstly displayed in China’s international park expo. Locating at the B18 block, Central China City Park Exhibition, west of the axle wire and close to the main entrance, it enjoys a good location with an area of 1,500 square meters and a total investment of RMB 5.166 million.

Nanyang is the home of Chinese roses with its tree rose ranking No.1 under heaven. It enjoys a long history of tree rose planting and profound cultural deposits, and the plant breed is originated in Han Dynasty, thrived in Ming and Qing Dynasties and well developed in the modern time with all families planting Chinese roses. Tree rose is a special plant breed of Nanyang rose, standing out among others. The tall tree shape serves as a good remedy for traditional height. Special rose landscape effect could be made through planting the tree roses alone, in group or in orderly lines.

The construction of Nanyang Park carries a strong Chinese rose features. The ancient Chinese rose planted at the core is the most precious treasure of the park, and groups of quality Chinese roses are planting nearby with Nanyang tree roses as the highlight. Together with other Chinese rose types and some perennial root flowers, the “flower mirror” becomes the most important landscape in this park. Additionally, the park also enjoys many exhibition areas, including tree rose area, ancient Chinese rose area, ground-cover rose area, rose area, slight rose area, floribunda rose area and grandiflora rose area.

Nanyang City was Wan City in Han dynasty, enjoying a high politics, economy and culture position with lots of famous historical figures, such as Zhangheng (science sage) and Zhang Zhongjing (medical saga) in the Western Han Dynasty, Zhuge Liang (intelligence sage) in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Jiang Ziya (resourcefulness saga) in Shang and Zhou dynasties, and Fan Li (commercial saga) in Spring and Autumn period, who are called “The Five Sages in Nanyang”. In the park, there are walls of Han Palace style built by plain soil and history pictures with beautiful mountains and rivers of Nanyang or stories of the five sages, immersing visitors in its artistic conception and enjoy the profound history and culture of Nanyang in Han Dynasty.  

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