Making the Headline of the People’s Daily Twice a Day, Henan Will Absolutely Shoot to Fame!

The Yellow River’s waters move out of heaven,

Running for 1,400 li here.

The pounding of the torrents on the shore,

Performs the symphony of Chinese civilization.

It is an ancient and glorious chapter.

Towering Funiu Mountain, Tongbai Mountains, Dabie Mountains and South Taihang Mountains,

Form a half ring here,

To surround and protect the 90,000-square-kilometer basin and plain.

With its muscles developed by vicissitudes for thousands of years,

And its spirit built in the new era,

Henan was born.

The mighty river moistens everything and benefits everyone.

The torrential Yellow River,

From Lingbao in the west and Taiqian County in the east,

Covers the whole Central Plains Region.


She is gentle and quiet,

Such as the Yellow River Park in Sanmenxia,

With still water running between the green banks.


She is obstinate and unruly,

Like the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area in Luoyang,

With huge waves soaring as well as thunderous sounds.

The People’s Victory Canal was built in 1952,

Thus giving birth to the Yellow River Irrigation from the lower reaches.

Sanmenxia Dam, Xiaolangdi Reservoir, Guxian Dam and Luhun Reservoir,

Such key water-control projects have been established.

 “Floods and sediment control in the upper and middle reaches, and flood discharging and sands reduction in the lower reaches, with flood detention on both sides”,

Such a flood protecting engineering system has been basically completed.

When the Yellow River is at peace,

China is at peace.

In the new era,

The Yellow River will breed a richer Central Plains Region.

Ancient capitals and well-known cities witnessed the history.

The vast expanse of fertile land comes from the alluviation of the great river.

History has created ancient capitals.

Touching their walls,

Walking through their streets,

You would clearly hear,

The thick and powerful heartbeat of Chinese civilization.

8,000 years ago,

Peiligang Culture was born in Zhengzhou,

Which is one of the sources of Chinese civilization.

3,600 years ago, the Shang dynasty founded its capital here.

A seven-kilometer-long city wall ruin,

Still stands in this city.

As the capital of 13 dynasties,

Luoyang is more than a political center.

He Yan’s Metaphysical Talk, Neo-Confucianism of Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi,

White Horse Temple and Shangqing Daoist Temple,

All of them boast abundant and colorful culture.

Kaifeng, with a history of more than 4,100 years,

Is known as the “the ancient capital of eight dynasties”.

 “One night’s east wind adorns a thousand trees with flowers, and fine steeds and carved cabs spread fragrance en route.”

Here is the real blueprint of the Along the River During the Qingming Festival.

The Anyang Yinxu is widely known.

Bronze Culture developed over 3,000 years ago,

Is unfolded in the Houmuwu Ding (also called Simuwu Rectangle Ding).

The original cognition of Chinese ancestors towards the world,

Is engraved in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang dynasty.

Places of interest as well as delicacies all deserve to be enjoyed.

There is the Mount Song—“Central Great Mountain”,

Junji Peak, Liantian Peak, Guanxiang Peak, Qiyun Peak, etc.

72 peaks connect with each other, like a huge lying Chinese dragon.

Songshan Shaolin Temple is a Zen ancestral temple for Chinese Buddhism.

 “Cross the river to seek an ancient temple with a reed;

Staring down the wall for 10 years to study Zen.”

There is the Longmen Grottoes,

Which was first chiseled during the reign of the Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei,

Lasting for 400 years.

 “Tens of thousands of golden statues are the expression of Zen;

Thousands of inscriptions are full of the scent of ink.”

There is a “Cool World”—Yaoshan Scenic Area,

Combined with picturesque peaks and rocks, waterfalls, and “seas of clouds”.

Various wonderful sceneries,

Show their ruggedness and charm.

There is the elegance of the bamboo and spring on the Yuntai Mountain,

Attracting men of letters.

The “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove” live a sequestered life here.

Wang Wei’ poems,

Sun Deng’s roaring and the sobering of Liu Ling,

Such legends here are endless.


You can appreciate the softness-hardness combination of Chen-Style Tai Chi Chuan,

Watch the Buddhism-military integration of Shaolin Kungfu,

Listen to the sonorous Yu opera, and sing for all ancient and modern things.


You can taste authentic cuisine of the Central Plains.

Have you ever eaten Henan Braised Boodles,

Covering meat, vegetable, soup and dish?

Have you ever had Spicy Soup,

Spicy and flavorful?

There is also an amazing snack,

Called “Soup Dumpling”.

Open it first, and then drink soup.

There will be a lingering fragrance in your mouth.

Generations of heroes are born with tremendous courage and wisdom,

Thus generating the heroism crisscrossed.

Through the ages, Henan has bred numerous outstanding talents.

Zhang Heng of Nanyang,

Studied astronomy and geography, knew ancient and modern changes,

And invented the armillary sphere and seismograph,

With tireless efforts in search.

Yue Fei of Tangyin County,

Swore to recover the Central Plains and serve the country in his life.

Yang Jingyu of Queshan County,

Fought against the Japanese between the Changbai Mountains and Amur River in Northeast China,

Run out of ammunition and food supplies, spent five days alone with the enemy,

And died a glorious death eventually.

Chang Xiangyu, the master of Yu opera,

Volunteered for the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea with charity performance,

Thus earning a fighter plane.

Kind persons in Henan have also moved the Chinese.

Wang Feng, entered the fire three times,

Saving more than 20 neighbors.

Hu Peilan, as a doctor,

Worked in a clinic for 27 years after retirement.

These impressive stories,

Reveal the same spirit.

 “You lived hard working on the sand dunes, and when you died you were buried by the dunes as you wished.”

The spirit of Jiao Yulu,

Is always encouraging Chinese people,

To forge ahead. With the precious wealth,

The self-reliant Chinese people are pioneering an enterprise with painstaking efforts.

The Hongqi canal spirit,

Is supporting 300,000 people in Linzhou,

Struggling for a decade on the cliffs,

And conquering all obstacles for victory.

The spirit of the “Foolish Old Man” in the new era,

Also inspires Henan people,

To strives for life.

Implement the connectivity for co-sharing and win-win development.

2,000 years ago, Ban Chao led a 36-person team to depart from Luoyang,

Reopening the Silk Road.

The Along the River During the Qingming Festival 1,000 years ago,

Depicts camel teams full of cargo,

Slowly moving to Bianliang.

However, today’s Henan,

Is creating,

New and faster “Chinese Speed” in the new era.

There is the pioneering,

 “Star-type” high-speed railway network in China.

Asia’s first high-speed railway at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour,

Has built the passenger terminal at Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

With eight trips a week,

The China-Europe Railway Express (Zhengzhou),

With a total expressway mileage of over 6,500 kilometers,

Ranks the forefront in China.


Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport,

With an annual cargo throughput being listed into the Top 50 in the world,

Has opened 34 routes of all-cargo aircrafts,

Covering 37 cities.

The “Silk Road in the Air”, including an increasing number of lines,

Stretches across three economic areas—Europe, the USA and Asia.

With the birth of the first cross-border e-commerce bonded customs clearance mode,

The efficiency of customs clearance reaches 500 orders per second,

And cross-border e-commerce plays a leading role in China.

An ancient Henan,

Is actively integrating into the “Belt and Road” Initiative,

Full of vitality.

An open Henan,

Takes an active part in the connectivity worldwide,

For co-sharing and win-win development,

Striving for realizing high-quality development.

The People’s Daily has also issued a one-minute video about Henan,

To present the most gorgeous moment of the “Hometown in Henan”.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration