Seizing New Opportunities for Digital Art Development, Highlighting New Fashion in the National Central City

On June 20, 2022, Wang Liyan, the Executive Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Li Hongyong, a researcher of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, and relevant personnel of the Literature and Arts Division and the Cultural Center, went to Zhongmu to investigate the “Different Rhythms of You and Me—Hu Zhifeng’s Digital Sculpture Exhibition” to learn about the development of digital art in Zhengzhou. Digital sculpture is a kind of virtual sculpture using computers, which sculpts objects that exist or do not exist by imitating realistic touch. Different from the traditional sculpture that creates and sculpts works on materials by hand, the digital sculpture is to create images on the computer, and then sculpts works on materials with processing equipment controlled by the computer.

The exhibition is divided into three sections of girl, animal and process, displaying 60 pieces of sculpture. As Curator Qi Anmin introduced Hu Zhifeng’s digital sculpture art into the community, the works seem to have been born and grown here naturally, which are appropriate and romantic, promoting and enhancing the beautiful life that neighbors are in harmony with each other.

As the first digital sculpture solo exhibition in Henan Province, its public cultural attributes have set an important example for the development of the public cultural innovation of digital Zhengzhou. Li Hongyong believes that this exhibition is of high quality and innovative. As a national central city under construction, Zhengzhou needs more such exhibitions to empower culture and effectively improve the high-quality development of urban cultural tourism.

During the investigation, Wang Liyan expressed her appreciation for Hu Zhifeng’s practice of serving society in digital sculpture creation because this exhibition achieved innovative breakthroughs in scale, content, form, and the level of specialization and internationalization. Also, she encouraged artists to give full play to their own advantages, make positive changes, grasp the booming period brought by the Internet era and “Metaverse” to the development of traditional art, and activate, present and interpret culture through digital technology.

By allowing the citizen to appreciate the expressive force of art on site, it can not only discuss the frontier and future of contemporary public art expression, but also show the unique innovation vitality and cultural charm of Zhengzhou and reflect the rhythm and pulse of Zhengzhou’s public culture construction and development. In addition, the charm and fashion of Zhengzhou as a national central city are highlighted through these digital sculptures of young and beautiful girls. It is hoped that more artists and art categories can make good use of the Internet and computers to provide more people with quality cultural services.

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