Fighting the Pandemic Together - Exhibition of Theme Works of Wang Caihong, Inheritor of Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Cloth Tiger

There is only scattered traffic and hurried pedestrians here. Zhengzhou, which should have been bustling, has become somewhat empty and deserted because of the sudden arrival of the pandemic.

Many "heroes in harm's way" are now fighting in different ways at the forefront of the prevention and control of COVID-19. And those who are quarantined at home are also doing their part for the battle against the epidemic.

In this smokeless war, Wang Caihong, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage cloth tiger, created the following art works to praise the front-line medical staff fighting against the epidemic. She infused the power of art into the anti-epidemic battle with handicraft to inspire the fighting will and strengthen the confidence of the public. She hopes that we will never give up hope in such stern times, and everybody can take his action to contribute to the society.

As we are still facing severe threats of COVID-19, in order to enhance the public awareness of epidemic prevention and control, Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Association will continue to mobilize more inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to create works related to epidemic fighting. You are welcome to submit your works via email

Wish the epidemic in Zhengzhou be over soon!

Wish the country enjoy peace and prosperity!

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