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Yangshao Culture is the first prehistoric culture discovered and named in China. As the main root, from which the Yellow River Culture has developed, and Yangshao Culture also serves as the most important representative of the early culture, as a result, it takes an irreplaceable important position in our prehistoric culture. Moreover, in the heyday of middle Yangshao period, "Early China" appeared in culture. As its first starting the process of social complexity and civilization, with distinct characteristics, Yangshao Culture is also called as "Yangshao Civilization". It is the first dawn of Chinese civilization, the earliest civilized prehistoric culture, and the primary form of ancient Chinese civilization. Yangshao Culture is the cradle for the development of good qualities in Chinese civilizations such as being pragmatic and people-oriented, group values, unity, ancestor worship, openness and inclusiveness, all of which have been inherited and carried forward. It is of great significance to protect and carry forward China’s outstanding traditional culture and realize the Chinese Dream by the vivid and impressive presentation of the Yangshao Culture, the early Yellow River civilization in this "Yellow River Story", to deepen the understanding of Yangshao Civilization's position and role in the formation and development of the Yellow River Culture and the origin of Chinese civilization.



At 15:00 PM on November 24, 2020 (Tuesday)


Academic Report Hall, Zhengzhou Library


Wei Xingtao


Wei Xingtao is a PhD graduate of School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University,  Researcher and Vice President of Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology; Director of Archaeological Society of China, Deputy Director of the Committee for Archaeology on the New Neolithic Age of Archaeological Society of China, Vice President and Secretary General of the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology; One of the "four batches" talents in Henan propagandize cultural system, Winner of the special government allowance of Henan Province and the Chief Expert of the National Social Science Foundation (China) for major programmes; Supervisor for postgraduates of Minzu University of China, Zhengzhou University and Henan Normal University. He has been engaged in the research on neolithic archaeology and the origin of civilization for years. Mr. Wei has published 6 works such as Excavation Report of Qixian County in Eastern Henan, South Intersection of Sanmenxia Gorge, and Specification of Drilling Record in Field Archaeology. Besides, he has also published more than 90 archaeological reports and papers on journals and newspapers such as Archaeology Journal and Archaeology.

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