Yifu Noodles at Yushunlou

Yushunlou Restaurant was built by Zhengzhou Food Company in 1999 for the revitalization of Henan cuisine in the name of historically famous restaurant – Yushun Tower.

Yushunlou has an outstanding technical staff. In the Fourth National Cooking Contest, chef Zhao Xiliang won a gold medal for his two hot dishes— “Orchid with Shark Fin” and “Bear's-Head with Toadstool", baker Wei Xiuwen won a gold medal for her set meal “Yifu Noodles with Three Delicacies”, and “Five-Spices-Seasoned Sliced Pig Knuckle” prepared by master of pickles Mao Shangen was rated as a "Famous Chinese Dish” in the joint sales exhibition launched by the Ministry of Internal Trade. The restaurant’s assorted cold foods are innovative in design and gorgeous with vibrant colors. "Peacock Flaunting its Tail" and “Long-Living Pine and Crane", among others, are invariably vivid and true to life.

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