Xiao's Stewed Noodles Restaurant (Headquarter)


Business Hours: 10:00—00:00

Order Hotline: 0371—66340208

Address: No.27, Huozhan Street North, Zhengbian Road (at the intersection of Zhengbian Road and Huozhan Street North), opposite to Changcheng Kangqiao Garden

Per capita cost: RMB 25 per person

Brief Introduction
Zhengzhou Xiao's Stewed Noodles Restaurant, founded in 1986, mainly offers famous Chinese snacks including Mr. Xiao seafood stewed noodles; Mr. Xiao boiled dumplings in the shape of crescent moon; and Mr. Xiao steamed bun stuffed with juicy pork. Meanwhile, famous Chinese cuisines such as holothurians roasted with green Chinese onions, vinegar-pepper fish maw, Jinzhu phoenix-tailed prawns and shredded meat with bottom are also specialties in this restaurant. "Xiao's Halal Banquet" and "Xiao's Henan-style World Expo Banquet" are all provincially famous banquets granted gold award.

Specialties Recommendation
Xiao's three delicious stewed noodles; Xiao's boiled dumplings in shape of crescent moon; Xiao's steamed bun stuffed with juicy pork

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