Qingxiangzhai Restaurant (Hai's Muslim Beef)


    Qingxiangzhai Restaurant, located in Gongmazhuang Village, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, is closely adjoining the Zhengmou Highway, Beijing–Hong Kong–Macao Expressway, National Highway 107 and Hanghai Road East. The restaurant boasts not only an advantageous geographical location, but also convenient transportation, only two kilometers far from the Golden Aigrette Ostrich Amusement Park. The Gongmazhuang Village is a residential area for ethic groups with a population of over 1,700, among which Hui people account for above 90%. The village has retained the traditional custom of raising and slaughtering cattle and sheep since the ancient times, which later was developed into the cattle and sheep processing industry with a market share of over 65%, thus satisfying the daily demands of Zhengzhou citizens.  Located in a beautiful landscape, Qingxiangzhai Restaurant enjoys elegant environment and fresh air. Covering an area of 360 square meters, this restaurant consists of upper and lower storeys. It serves spiced and sauced beef, and other delicacies made of organ meats, including beef tendon, ox penis, sirloin, oxtail and liver, which are all taken from slaughtered cattle in local villages and are then marinated. The restaurant is famous for its specialties, such as marinated bull head, marinated cattle hoof, braised cow genitals, baked ox-tongue, braised ox penis, etc. The restaurant also offer self-planted vegetables like pakchoi cabbage, water spinach, tenuifolia, sweet potato tips, caraway, eggplant, and Chinese cabbage, all of which are fresh, healthy and free of pesticides. Based on the market prospect of catering industry with fierce competition and low profit, Qingxiangzhai Restaurant still pays attention to the industry trends, cater to the dietary requirements of customers and strives to promote the brand reputation. Meanwhile, it advocates the new concept of green, healthy and nutrient food and introduces portable vacuum packed beef boxes. In April 2008, Cooking Procedures of Hai’s Muslim Beef was listed as one of the intangible cultural heritages of Zhengzhou City. Beef provided by Qingxiangzhai Restaurant is elaborately prepared by choosing the local yellow cattle meat as raw materials, adding a variety of spices, and processing with unique procedures. The cooked beef has tempting color, firm texture, and unique flavor and actually are considered as an ideal choice for business trips and picnics, as well as a perfect gift for relatives and friends.

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