Ge's Men Bing Restaurant

According to the Zhengzhou Catering Industry History, Mr. Ge Minghui, the founder of Ge's Men Bing Restaurant, is a member of Bordered Yellow Banner of Manchu in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Born in 1882, he worked at Prince Ke’s Mansion in Beijing at the age of ten. Once he drove a cart for Prince Ke and won the recognition of the Prince. He was hardworking and fond of learning and often gave a hand in kitchen, so he was good at cooking. At that time, a kind of staple food called Multi-layer Steamed Bread and another dish named Diced Pork in Pot were served in the Mansion.

One day, the Prince came back and felt hungry. Ge Minghui braised multi-layer steamed bread with Diced Pork in Pot and infused a bowl of soup with hot pickled mustard tuber and Chinese parsley. Soft bread, delicious pork, tasty and refreshing soup were highly appreciated by the Prince. During early years of the Republic of China, Beijing was at war. Ge Minghui together with his two sons came to Henan for making a living. At such a critical and difficult moment, he recalled stewed bread with Diced Pork in Pot highly praised by the Prince. Therefore, with the help of friends, his “Men Bing Restaurant” was opened near the railway station. He served as the chef and his sons as assistants.

After China's liberation in 1949, Ge Minghui and his second son passed away successively. His eldest son Ge Quxiang continued to run the restaurant. He inherited and improved culinary arts of his father, making the Diced Pork in Pot suffuse an exquisite fragrance all around when the cover was opened. Thanks to his several-year elaboration, Ge's Men Bing (Ge's Pancake) is now a well-known local flavor snack.

Ge's Men Bing is made by a piece of pancake, special diced pork in pot and green vegetables. The pancake is prepared by baking soft dough into multi-layer pancake which is later cut into curtain-rod-shape for standby after being cool. Streaky pork with skin is selected and cut into cubes of 2cm square. Next, the pork is put into a fleshpot with water. After water boils, froth impurities are skimmed off. Then pork is fished out and quickly put into pot with eight kinds of spices, fermented bean curd and broth. After that, the pot mouth is covered. The pot is put on the big fire. After boiling, turn to small fire for stewing until the pork is thoroughly cooked.

When the pot is uncovered, exquisite fragrance spreads all around. Once the pot is uncovered, passers-by are attracted by aroma and stop walking. When baking the pancake, pot is bottomed with green vegetables on which pancake strip and diced pork are placed. Then soup stock is added for stewing for a while and the pancake is completed. Pork is tasty, fat but not greasy. Baked pancake is soft and refreshing, suitable for people of all ages. In addition to bean sprout, seasonal fresh vegetables such as garlic sprout, pakchoi, four seasons’ plum and Zizania aquatic are used as jardinière more frequently. Broth used for making Ge's Men Bing includes pork broth, chicken broth and duck soup, so the baked pancake is soft, tasty but not greasy.

Development History

In 1995, it won the title of “Famous Snack in Central Plains” at the Fourth Gastronomy Month of Zhengzhou. In December 1997, it ranked the top of “Famous Chinese Snack” at the First Certification Activity of National Famous Snack held in Hangzhou. Ge's Men Bing Restaurant has gone through all the vicissitudes of life for decades, and has been relocated in Yima Road, Qiaojiamen, Dunmu Road, Dehua Street, West Taikang Road and Datong Road.

In 1987, it disappeared for a time due to reconstruction of old town. In 1989, Zhengzhou City Food Co., Ltd. decided to renew traditional flavor and establish century-old restaurant. Ge Yongzhi, the third generation of successor, recovered the brand and reopened the restaurant at South Qiaojiamen Road. Key production processes were conducted by members of Ge family so as to guarantee the quality. Some old Beijing citizens visiting Zhengzhou also came here to taste the baked pancake.

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