Zhengzhou Hongrun Huaxia Hotel Co., Ltd.

  Zhengzhou Hongrun Huaxia Hotel boasts 125 guest rooms of various types, a spa accommodating 300 people, and a cultural industry center mainly composed of an art gallery and a tea house. While inheriting the historical and cultural tradition of the Yellow River Civilization, it also embraces modern scientific management; and adheres to the philosophy of serving people with pollution-free and healthy food and recreational activities. Shouldering the mission of cultural transmission, the hotel sticks to its core value of harmonious development, sincere brand building, human-oriented pursuit of dreams, and culture-led future planning. With perfect combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern hospitality management concept, Zhengzhou Hongrun Huaxia Hotel is committed to building itself into a top culture-themed hotel in China.
  Address: No.38, Fengle Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou 
  Tel.: 0371-60208866
  Hotel Rating: Four star hotel in downtown Zhengzhou 
  Category: Business hotel 

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