Zhengzhou Huanghe Hotel

Address: No.106, Zhongyuan Road

Tel: 0371—67809999

Address and star-rating: Three-star hotel in downtown Zhengzhou

Type of the hotel: Business; Convention

Brief Introduction
Zhengzhou Huanghe Hotel is a tourist hotel designated for accommodating foreigners affiliated to Zhengzhou Municipal Government. It has won the title of “Top 100 Star-rated Hotels in China”, “Top 10 Hotels for Overseas Tourists in Henan” and “The Best Tourist Hotel in Zhengzhou”. It is located on the wide Zhongyuan Road and adjacent to the beautiful Jinshui River and Lvcheng Square and enjoys convenient traffic. There are 300 guest rooms and suites and 23 different restaurants and multifunctional halls. With advanced and good facilities, the Conference Center is able to hold various activities including press release, exhibition, academic exchange meeting and artistic performance. Recently, Zhengzhou Huanghe Hotel has successfully hosted many high standard activities such as the 12th annual meeting of “zhima.net” and IBE, the 18th World Hakka Convention, 2 World Traditional Wushu Championships, the Ancestor Worship Ceremony in Yellow Emperor’s Native Place, etc. Therefore, it has been highly praised by customers from various countries.

Location Information

Transportation information: It is 1 km away from Zhengzhou Municipal Government, 30 km away from Xinzheng International Airport and 1.5 km from Railway Station.

Self-driving guidance: 200 meters to the west of the intersection of Zhongyuan Road and Daxue Road, across from Henan Provincial Communications Department, adjacent to the beautiful Jinshui River and Lvcheng Square, with convenient traffic.

Information of parking lot: 100 parking spaces for customers

Bus and subway: For taking Bus No.58, Bus No.38, Bus No.102, Bus No.68, Bus No.60, Bus No.101 and Bus No.63, please get off the bus at Daxue Road-Zhongyuan Road Station.


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